Sunday, October 31, 2010

Freddy's Halloween Dance Party!: The Midnight Hour of Power Edition!


The time is finally here, tonight is the night where everyone can be a little more evil than they normally are, a night where all hell is free to reign its sinful ways through the most innocent of people. This is the night where the freaks DO come out, and they come out in droves to dance and celebrate with pizzazz. This is a night when even the hideous can cover up and become attractive, a night where the beautiful can disfigure themselves and become frightening, a night where we can all become something other than what we are. It's All Hallow's Eve, or, All Hallow's Evil if you are looking to have a little fun with things, and that's what we are here to do tonight in this special Halloween edition of Freddy's (not quite) Friday Night Dance Party! 

Tonight's special dance of the dead is brought to us by the 1985 made for television Halloween treat, The Midnight Hour. The song, Get Dead (which is often mistakenly referred to as I'm Dead, You're Dying), is performed by one of the film's stars, Shari Belafonte-Harper, who would also be the sassy little vixen giving us this fantastical performance we have here.

While I do own what I believe is an unopened VHS copy of The Midnight Hour (it's in one of many boxes of VHS tapes I have), I have not seen it since it played on television in the 80s. It's clearly a fun film based off of this clip, and I remember it being so, but I also recall it being pretty scary for a made for TV movie that played on ABC, particular the graveyard scene where the creatures rise from their graves. I know Anchor Bay released the movie on DVD some time after the VHS had come out in '99, but The Midnight Hour seems to be pretty rare and just as under known, or at least under mentioned. It's a shame that it isn't played on TV every year during Halloween, but I think I may have to do a little digging to see if I can find it and take another long overdue look at it.

Either way, I hope you all are having a great Halloween, and I hope the spooky filled day has spilt over into an equally spooky night with plenty of haunts to remind you why Halloween is truly the best time of the year! 



  1. Happy Halloween! I'm going out as myself tonight... to WORK! Awesome!

  2. Back when It was worth paying for cable, one could catch this flick (with it's heart in exactly the right place) on LifeTime the entire month of October, in between T.V. movies like "I see Ghosts, or Maybe I Just have P.M.S Part 11." Or "How to be a Lazy Witch, and Scare Absolutely No One Part 13." You know the flicks I'm talking about...Some chick's supposed to be possessed and really she just looks seriously tired and about to go off about the slightest thing you may or may not have done.

  3. Aaron: That sucks, man. I have had to work more than a handful of the last few Halloweens, so I took the day off with the quickness like five months ago! Hope you had a good one even if it was spent at work.

    Bill: And isn't that what makes Lifetime so great?! I wish this movie was aired every year and it's pretty ridiculous that it's not. There's no reason it couldn't be included in the yearly movie tradition with the other films that are popular during the holiday.

  4. The Midnight Hour is just about my favorite Halloween movie -- just simple and light-hearted and fun. Thank god my parents were VHS-recording fiends when I was five, so I got to have my own copy until I wore it down a couple years back. FUN FACT: the director went on to direct lots of episodes of Lost.

  5. My parents used to tape a lot of stuff as well, which is something I started to do when I was old enough and had my own VCR. I still have a ton of tapes from that time too, which is pretty awesome to have! Our parents were video junkies! Fun Fact: I LOVE Lost! Thanks for dropping by!

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