Monday, October 25, 2010

6 More Days Till Halloween-Halloween-Halloween!

And no, that jingle will never get old.

halloween63With only six more days till we can all transform into demons and monsters for the entire day - just to ward off all the evil spirits that would mean us nothing but harm by stealing our candy - there is a mixture of emotions that goes on when halloween61the countdown gets this close to the end. One of those being the excitement brought forth by Halloween being almost here, which is what it's all about, right? Well, there is also the whole 'it's almost over' aspect that drapes itself  over me, reminding me of just how sad it is to see Halloween go away as  quickly as it does every year.  What it comes down to is less the day, and more the build up, the anticipation that is many a horror fan's favorite holiday.

halloween64Halloween is more about the weather that surrounds us, the crackling of the  leaves beneath our feet as we walk through a haunted trail filled with teens wearing masks and taking smoke breaks in-between easily frightened groups. It's the first and second, and third and fourth halloween62and…well, you get the picture, taste of seasonal microbrew made specifically for the month that is October and the holiday that haunts it. It's the decorations, the fear that your pumpkins will get stolen and smashed like they are without feelings. It's the stores and their halloween6transformation from normal, to abnormal, when they cover an entire section with a multitude of Halloween goodies that can be stared at with starry eyes for hours on end. It's the DVD sales, the movies on TV, the Scream awards (even if they're kind of lame), the haunted house and ghost television shows on a constant loop, it's watching Roseanne's Halloween specials.

It's everything.

And it's always sad to have that slip away so quickly, but it's a celebration that supersedes the day itself, and as sad as it will be to see it all go away…I am sure as hell happy to have all the build up beforehand.


  1. The one time of year when I feel normal...sort of. :)

  2. Ha, I get odd looks for taking off the day, and the days that surround it, from work!

  3. Ahh I love this time of year and am sad that it's gone in a blink of the eye again. No that jingle will never get old to me either. I have tried some great new pumpkin ale this year and have been pleasantly surprised with the taste.


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