Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween Hangover


Well, it's Halloween, and as I was putting together all the films that would have been featured on this special Halloween edition of The Horror Hangover, I realized that there are so many movies to be seen that I wouldn't be able to do more than simply list them. There are a shit ton of movies and Halloween related marathons of all sorts showing on TV today, which is to be expected, so I thought why don't I make this Hangover a special one and pick only a handful of films that I think that everyone should watch today, if you already haven't made movie plans, that is.

First up, AMC has really stepped it up this season with a much stronger and more diverse line-up of horror movies than they have in years. Often criticized for only showing the 4th and 5th Halloween films constantly, this Halloween AMC has a Halloween (the film series) marathon with the crowing jewel being Halloween III: Season of the Witch, which is on at noon. The reason for my pick of this underappreciated gem is because I have always loved it, even before it was kinda cool to say so, but more so because it's never on TV. Out of all the Halloween films that get major airplay at this time of year, Season of the Witch is always left behind, standing there with an empty trick or treat bag, all sad looking. How can you turn down such a sweat little maggot ridden face?

My next pick for the day comes later on when Turner Classic Movies waxes that ass with a 6:15 showing of House of Wax. You know, it would do you no wrong to just leave TCM on all day long if you ask me, but I specifically love the original remake House of Wax quite a bit and you know it will look as nice as it can on TCM. And really, what's better than the dramatics of the great Vincent Price? 


Now, while I would consider sitting through Carpenter's Halloween, or Romero's Night of the Living Dead the smart way to go on Halloween, films like that are all just a little too obvious. Instead, I will make my third pick a fun one and go with the sequel to last year's mega-hit, My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen 2, showing at 6:00. To be honest, I only watched a few moments of the first film (but I still really wanna see it!), but whenever I saw the trailer for this (la)M(e)TV production, I must admit, I got kind of stoked. I'm a stickler for a bad Slasher, and for whatever odd reason, I think MSPSS2 looks like it could be a fun one.


Last but certainly not least, we head back to AMC for the television event of the decade, the 10:00 premier of The Walking Dead, with a replay at 11:30. I mean, do I really need to say why this is a pick? You were planning on watching it anyway, but how could I not list it? Why are there so many questions? Why are my pants not on?


Hey, don't go too far as tonight brings forth a brand new Halloween episode of the hottest dance show on television, Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! I know it's not Friday, but bear with me here. Sea-ya-then, pumpkin punchers!


  1. Happy Halloween CNAMB! One day, even if you have already told the story once before, I hope you tell how your blog got it's name. Cheers!

  2. Happy Halloween... may there be treats, not tricks...

  3. Happy Halloween, Matt-suzaka. What do you suppose Chuck Norris goes dressed for at Halloween? Himself, would be my guess.

  4. What a Happy Halloween tis. The last year I can go trick r treating without feeling weird.

  5. Halloween 3 is cool on the catchy song alone. And you reminded me that I forgot to record all the Halloween ish on FOX. I just hope The Walking Dead lives up to the hype.

  6. Happy Halloween, and hopefully my hangover is manageable tomorrow.

  7. IP: I came up with it when I was eating a bowl of cereal real late one night as I was putting the blog together. I thought of Chuck Norris Ate My Cereal as a title, but within a few seconds of that, I came up with CNAMB!

    Hope you have a great Halloween too!

    Zombie: Hope you have a great Halloween too and may all your poop be ghost like!

    Astro: I would guess Justin Bieber! Hope you are having a great Halloween!

    Simon: Wait, how old are you?! I can't tell from your profile picture. Have fun and egg a few houses for me!

    Ashlee: Me too. I think it will be great, but as with most television series, it usually takes a few episodes to start to get into it. You need that time to get to know the characters. Well find out soon enough!

    Sean: Man, I know I have had an awful one myself today. Bar-to-bar on a school bus full of drunken psychos leads to an end of the night black out! Hope you are having a happy Halloween!

  8. I'm 16. Which means nothing as of this century, but I get a lot of Facebook greetings from people I don't know.

  9. 16 is a little old to trick or you drive house to house?! That would be fantastic. Hope you had a good one, though, and got mad candy!

  10. I'm 16 the day after, but no, we rough it with all the under-13 riff-raff. And we can get away with weirder costumes.

    There are kids trickrtreating who're about to graduate. 16 is fine.


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