Friday, October 8, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Promenade!


It was inevitable that we would have a prom themed dance party at some point around these here parts, what with the great chance of getting wasted, laid and everything in-between, it's a no-brainer. Proms aren't what they used to be, however, with stories of the big dance starting twenty seconds after school gets out, breathalyzers being used at the door and after parties that are thrown by the school, how can the kids have any fun with these restrictions? Might as well have prom at a church but even they have alcohol, and the confessional would make for a great make-out spot, so maybe that wouldn't be so bad after all. With that said,  if we is having a prom we is having it right, and what better way to do it than to go back to a time when no one gave a crap about boning, boozing and overall excess. I would of course be referring to a time known as the early 80s, and nothing quite says bring it like Jamie Lee Curtis does in 1980's Prom Night! 


You know, there's a lot to take in with this extravagant prom dance scene, including an incredible light show, a funktastic disco track, amazingly on point dance moves, even more amazing fashion styles, and still, the star of this show is clearly Jamie Lee's luftballons and the way they move about. It's like her bewbs are having their own little dance off in her top, and both are breaking it down with a fury. It's quite intense.      

While Prom Night is far from a great Slasher film, it does have a few good moments, a (kind of) great opening and Leslie Nielsen being serious. But anyone that has seen Prom Night knows that it is the JLC dance scene that takes the cake, smashes it, then straight busts a move on it afterwards. It's like a really long dance scene for any movie that isn't a Step Up film, and it never gets boring, not even for a millisecond. There could be an argument made that it's the best moment in the film. I'm not sure who would even argue about anything in Prom Night, but I'm just saying. Anyways, I gotta take off for now…I need to go and practice my arm and shoulder moves for a bit, then my serious left to right head jolts. I can't look like a mark ass buster out there on the dance floor, now can I?


  1. Yes!!! Totally agree w/you about this being the best moment in the film! That scene is so out there, like the filmmakers were brainstorming amongst themselves, "Wow, things are getting pretty intense, with all of the stalking and killing and stuff. How can we ease the tension? Hey, what about a choreographed dance sequence?!!" I mean, I know the movie's called Prom Night, but still! And once you hear that damn song, you can't get it out of your head--it's definetely both cringeworthy and hilarious at the same time. Love it.

  2. I'm not sure why the Jamie Lee dance hasn't swept the nation like Thriller dancing. It's just such a mystery. Let's start a movement, Matt! A revolution, if you will.

    Also, I do really like that goofy/scary beginning.

  3. She ain't got nothin' on Rudy Ray Moore from DISCO GODFATHER! Put some weight on it!

  4. excellent postage. I'm a big fan of this slice of cheese! Thanks!

  5. I'm still laughing at "mark ass buster." Hard!

  6. I love this scene! It's absolutely one of the best dancing scenes in a movie ever!! .... and now I can't get "Prom Night" out of my head. I guess I'll go bust out my prom dress tonight, and practice my moves..... if only I could dance as well as Jamie Lee Curtis.

    I do love the beginning of this movie, and even though I know the movie is not great, and is dull at times, it is an incredibly nostalgic movie for me, as I believe that they played it non-stop on TV when I was a youngun.

  7. Best dancing scene in a horror film ever! It's definitely the highlight of an above average slasher flick. This sequences does nothing but put a smile to my face. I gotta ask though - what was up with JLC and killer siblings back in the day? No wonder she went straight into comedies after HALLOWEEN II.

  8. Dorian: Besides being such an incredible dance scene, it is the randomness of it all that makes it so great. And like you said, even for a film titled Prom Night, it is still so misplaced and totally interrupts the film.

    I wonder how people reacted to it back when it came out…"and there's this random dance sequence that is so lame! They don't make movies like they used to back in the 60s!"

    Chris: The first few moves are so intense that I don't think people can handle them quite as easily. Sure, MJ was a great dancer and Thriller was very well choreographed, but the Prom Night dance is on an entirely different level. The arm movements alone are simply mesmerizing!

    I'm still game to try and make it the hottest dance craze. My background in ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop dancing gives me an advantage over most.

    Aaron: Nobody, and I mean nobody, has anything on Rudy. YOU NO GOOD JIVE-ASS MOTHA FUCKA!!! *Does a low side-kick*

    CDM: Thanks, and it is certainly a hearty slice, isn't it?!

    Ashlee: Ha ha, one of my favorite sayings!

    Emily: It's funny, I almost did this last week but changed my mind last minute, but since then, the Prom Night song has been in my head nonstop!

    Fred: It's crazy when you look back at her career and see all the horror films she did, especially Slasher films. She is certainly the most well known and most respected official scream queens there ever was, but sometimes I forget how many horror flicks she did.

    By the way, the first thing I think of when I think JLC and comedy is Trading Places…LOVE that movie! Her boobs were prominent in that one too!

  9. I use to own that record until I discoed so hard I slammed into it and broke. Prom Night forever!

  10. It's incredibly difficult not to disco at the level of ten when listening to the music from the film. The inspiration is simply undeniable, and to deny it would be blasphemy!


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