Friday, October 1, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: And So it Begins Edition!

What up party people in the house?! I know you know what time it is, but if you don't then you is about to learn, shun! Today may seem like a typical Friday night on the surface, but this Friday is actually coated in an extra special caramel glaze here at CNAMB. And no, I didn't become a woman today or anything like that, instead, it is the first day of October, meaning, it's the first day of Chucktober! Now, what exactly is Chucktober you ask? Well, even if you didn't ask, here is the lowdown: The entire month of October will be celebrated in style, with all - and I mean ALL - content being of the horror variety! I know, crazy right?!

Now, this blog is already like 85% horror to begin with, but we're going all out here for Chucktober. I'm talking about all the dance parties, all the hangovers and all of the reviews will be horror or Halloween related in some capacity throughout this month of madness. I will also continue to share with you all of the fun and/or marginally interesting Halloween happenings that go down here in my real (lame) life. And lastly, there will be a special surprise or two tailor made specifically for this epic event of bearded brutality, and I know how much you love surprises that aren't of the "I'm pregnant" variety!

I know I know, you're excited, but don't waste all your energy just yet as there still be some dancing to do. This is a five Friday month(!), so lets start Chucktober off with nothing less than a simple good time. Tonight's funky track is a homemade Halloween rap that comes to us via German duo, NEtotal. Now, I really don't know much about these guys but, from what I have seen, they are a German comedy-duo that make videos like the one provided. It's always funnier when this shit is not on purpose, but this video still rocks thanks to the great lyrics and the accents that are endlessly entertaining whilst slinging rhymes.

Enjoy, and don't be afraid to check out the ghost of Chucktober past by clicking the link! *LINK*


  1. I love Chucktober!!

  2. This is my first Chucktober, any traditions I should know about?

  3. Christine: And Chucktober loves you, Christine!

    CDM: I know...I already feel like it's going by too fast!

    IP: Hmmm...there will be one after this year, but besides that secret project, you can look forward to an ugly ass banner during the final week of the month!

    Ashlee: Ha, aren't they so smooth?!

  4. What a Chuck-tastic way to start Chucktober, Matty-Boy! Bad white boys rapping. This is gonna be one helluva month!

  5. I know, this is like the month we wait for all year's our month!


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