Friday, October 15, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Where'd She Just Put That Lipstick? Edition!


"Angela is having a party, Jason and Freddy are too scared to come. But You'll have a hell of a time." Oh, really? Freddy is too scared to come, huh? Well, Angela, you may be throwing the party, missy, but this party is being held in the city's sickest club, Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! With a reputation for some of the bloodiest hot body contests, the deadliest DJs and cocktails that'll straight kill your sobriety, I think it might be Angela that should be scared here, not Freddy. Regardless, Angela is in the (Hull) house and she has her boom box ready to boom-boom the room into a frenzy, and we are more than happy to have her, because the Night belongs to Demons! Kick it Ang! 

First off, I love how this clip starts with super Italian Sal and the line: "Hey Ang, what the fuck are you doing over there?!" It's so great! Go ahead, watch it again…see! Anyway, tonight's rocking clip comes to us from Kevin Tenney's Night of the Demons, with the song, Stigmata Martyr, by Bauhaus. Even though I grew up a huge fan of Punk music, I never got into Bauhaus, but for no other reason than their music never made its way to me, I suppose. Still, the music of theirs that I have heard has been in horror movies, and the music is so perfectly fitted to the films with the specific sound they have. In fact, I would even say the music might even drive scenes like this one - or the opening to The Hunger - and make them more than what they would have been with another artist. 

This entire Angela possession/dance scene really stands out as a whole due to the way the strobe light is used, Angela's crazy dancing and the music. Of course, the second Stooge shows up, Night of the Demons gets right back to business as a wicked cheese-fest. I constantly watched the movie growing up, and boy did I loved it so. For a young horror dude, it had all that I wanted in a horror film. Bewbs, an awesome haunted house setting, sexy girls, it's set on Halloween, it had cool FX, Linnea Quigley and her wonderful film introduction, and of course, bewbs. To watch it through adult eyes, I see how really corny it is as well as how long it takes for the goods to get going, but I still will always have a soft (or hard) spot for Night of the Demons.


  1. Yessir! I like Bauhaus a lot and that dance scene is easily my favorite part of NIGHT OF THE DEMONS. I actually never became a fan of Bauhaus until after I saw the movie even though I had heard some of their songs before that. That whole scene is fucking great, though - how it's shot, the strobe light conveniently turning on at a certain point, etc. The random dance scene in NOTD2 wasn't pretty awesome too. Morbid Angel!!! Hey, great timing for this post, too... I think the remake comes out on DVD Tuesday.

  2. It's funny, I saw NOTD2 when it cameo out on VHS and I hated it sooo much!! Over the past few years I have been kind of wanting to see it again because I seemed to be a lot harder to please when I was younger, and I may enjoy the film now. Anyways, the only thing I remember about that movie, besides the catholic school setting, is that Morbid Angel dance scene. I wonder if the remake will have an awesome metal or punk driven dance scene?!

  3. Night Of The Hard Spots. Count me in as a fan.

  4. I was thinking the same thing as far as the remake, Matt. I'm curious to find out. I was initially against seeing the NOTD remake (not because it's a remake but because it stars a lot of people who I can't stand), but after revisiting the first two NOTD movies recently, I'm kinda looking forward to checking it out. As far as NOTD2, it has its moments. Worth checking out at some point but not going out of your way for.

  5. CDM: Night of the Wet Spots works too!

    Aaron: Yeah, the trailers were decent, and I won't be going in with high expectations, so if it sucks, no biggie.

  6. My vote: Night of the Hot Asian Chick's Boobs.

    P.S. I hearted the remake.

  7. Well that's good to hear that you liked the remake...I haven't heard anything about it review wise, yet, I haven't really paid attention either. I'll toss it on the old queue!

    And yes, I am more than down with the hot Asian chick's perfect boobs!


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