Monday, November 15, 2010

Pandering is so tacky…


While I feel a little strange about whoring myself out on my own blog (as opposed to someone else's?), I will because it's for a very good reason. My lovely fiancé and I recently entered a wedding contest and magically made it into the top ten. Over the next two weeks, the five couples with the most votes will make it to the final round wherein the judges will decide the winner. We have a crazy good chance of winning if we were to make it to the final round but we still need to get there, and that is where YOU come in!  

Over the next two weeks people can vote for us, the couple on the sidebar to your right, once a day. There is a somewhat annoying registration thing, but once registered, it's no problem to vote everyday afterwards. Thanks to my pal Randy, I have a complete guide to registration made easy so it will save you the time of figuring it all out for yourself.        

"You have to register on the website, get a confirmation email (check spam too!) - and then go back and log in - THEN you can vote - by clicking ...on the little vote box under their name and going back up to the top of the form - inputting the straight from hell confirmation code - and then clicking vote. It will then say "Your vote has been added under all the photos". "

So there you go…I know it's a lot to ask, but it would really mean a whole lot to me and the lady that I make it with, and we would appreciate it more than anyone could ever imagine.

Here's a link to the contest with all the info, and thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true…okay, I'll stop now.


  1. Done and done amigo. Good luck.

  2. Good luck :)

    My vote for you guys is in!!!

  3. I also voted and threw up (not literally, mind you) a link on Facebook... good luck!!

  4. We got your back on this, brother . . . (and we'll be pimpin' it on Mail Order Zombie this week, too . . . )

  5. Done, son. I also put a link on my facebook, my blog's facebook, and my face.

  6. I'm going to add this to my blog after work tonight. And vote every day until my fingers fall off.

  7. Voted. And I'll plan to do so regularly.

  8. POT: Thanks my metal loving friend!

    Emily: Thank you and I really appreciate it!

    Stine: Never! However, is it odd that I started to strip to the WHORE! chant?

    Christine: It wouldn't be a surprise that people were throwing up with that registration process! Thanks!

    Brother D: Thanks so much, what you did is top notch wonderful!

    Aaron: That's what's up! Thanks brotha!

    Emily: Well, don't let your fingers fall off, unless you can hire a chimpanzee to blog for you! Thanks my darling!

    John: Thank you so much!

  9. Voted and Put a notice on my Blog.

    That and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee. But I hope for the best for you guys.

  10. Voted, Matt, put the link on my Facebook page, and will start guilting all my friends to cast ballots for you. Best of luck!

  11. I hate registering, but I was sold after reading about the KIDNEY TRANSPLANT part. You know it's true love when surgery is involved.

  12. Thank you all so much for taking the time out to help us out. We have a good and now healthy life, but the whole marriage expense has been one that has been such a road block for so long. So We are very appreciative.

  13. Just voted with pleasure.

    The very best of luck to both Matt and Liz.

    Fingers crossed!

  14. Thank you so very much! We need to win this thing so bad!!

  15. Voted, but those were the f'ing hardest captchas I have ever had to enter!! Matt, you don't live in Orange County, CA do you?

  16. Naw, we are out in Ohio...the only couple that aren't living in Cali! Thanks for voting, Carl!


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