Friday, November 26, 2010

The Apocalypse is upon us. Well, for anyone working in retail, that is.


It's Black Friday…do you know where the sales are?


  1. people I know are going at 3am...insane..crazy...I guess Id do it if I wanted a TV or something though

  2. I bought seasons 1, 2 & 3 of Mad Men on amazon for $9.99 each! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!
    I should probably start shopping for other people though...

  3. Erik: A part of me finds it fascinating and wants to one day partake on such an adventure, but chances are I may start chopping people's throats after about ten minutes! I would certainly at least try and get something if it were a big item that I needed, like a TV...some of those deals are CARAYZEE!

    Stine: I haven't been over yet, but I got the sale on DVDs email...that's a wicked great price for a full season, though! I bought a much needed new router today and ended up saving $20 bucks, and I didn't even know I was going to either! Yay for us!

  4. Haha, that picture is pretty appropriate! If I didn't work retail, I don't think I would even venture out on Black Friday (I'd rather sleep in to be honest). I actually work in a department store, I'm not gonna say which one 'cause they already get too much fucking air time on TV with all of their damn commercials...which is pretty annoying when I'm trying to watch TV in peace and not be reminded of work! But I'm not bitter or anything :) Anyway, kinda went off on a tangent there--so I had an early work day today (5 AM-1 PM) and for once I had enough energy to do some shopping afterwards, which was nice. Also, everyone I encountered (customers included) were pretty chill, something that is always welcome when you're working/shopping on the "biggest shopping day of the year".

  5. i was killed during this black friday... i am now dead... please mourn my loss... i e-vite you to my wake... then funeral. please don't cry. just send money to the widow zombie and the four little children zombies... who now have lost how sad!

  6. Dorian: I've never done the Black Friday thing, though I do find it fascinating and would like to try it out one day as a sort of adventure. However, I will probably snap and start murdering people after about an hour! Also, I hated when I worked at my old job and would hear radio spots for it and shit when I was getting ready for work...made me want to puke! Hope the holidays treat you well at work!

    Zombie: HA! You have become the victim of consumerism!

  7. Probably should've took advantage of that DVD sale... *sigh*

  8. I know...I didn't even look, let alone get anything. Always a disappointment, but I'll just ask for DVDs for Christmas anyways.



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