Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Horror Hangover


Hey-hey, hangers! It's another Sunday, so I suppose it's time for the freshest edition of, The Horror Hangover. Brought to you by: The impending doom that is Christmas shopping and the alcoholic binge we will all have to go on to deal with all that shit, and Under Armor. It's not the bulkiest of Hangovers, but it will do with a few films of that are of extreme quality and a few that might lack said quality.  

We can set our first destination to AMC, where they have a nice little Alien marathon starting at 9:00 with the original Alien, followed by Aliens at 11:30 and rounding out the xenomorphic day is Alien 3 at 2:30. I mean, that's really a decent way to spend your afternoon, and I think the Alien sequels especially make for great hangover food.


Now, we can all join hands and head on over to SyFy for the last few films on today's "short stacked" hangover. Starting us off is a film featuring a little man with a heart of gold, and that would be Leprechaun 3, which is showing at 11:00. You gotta love the Leprechaun films for what they are…fun, fun and filled with lots of puns. Also, this third entry is directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, so you know that it will have something to enjoy. Whether or not it's actually good is another matter.

Last movie for the day is the obnoxiously titled, Wes Craven Presents Dracula III: Legacy, which is making it's way onto TV screens across America at 1:00. I have seen the first two Dracula 2000 set of films, and they were okay enough, I suppose. Who knows what is in store with this one, but I am sure someone out there has an answer for me.

That's all for this episode of, The Horror Hangover. Until next time!


  1. LEPRECHAUN 3 is a win, in my book. The Vegas gimmick is fun, and the Leprechaun engages in an epic "super-pose-down" with an Elvis impersonator.

  2. Frack! I like the Dracula series for two words: Diane Neal... *swoons* Me and my girl crushes are relentless. Anywho, another frack is missing half of Halloween 5. Again, I'm a sucker for bad sequels in a big franchise.

    I did however spend my morning with Alien. That was cool.

  3. Astro: I did actually get to watch Lep 3 for a good 30-40 mins, and it sure is pretty amazing. I cannot believe the look on the main young good guy's face...looks like someone put a finger in his butt without him knowing beforehand!

    Ashlee: I don't really remember her from those films, but like I said, I watched the first two and that was quite some time ago now. I just remember Jason Scott Lee was in one of them.

    Even if it is pretty bad, I do enjoy Halloween 5 myself and I too can find a lot of joy in a shitty sequel to a horror franchise. I kind of dig some of the later Hellraiser sequels, and those are pretty terrible!


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