Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haunted Hands and Belly Full of Health

Halloween is creeping towards us at an alarming rate, and by this point nearly every store FINALLY has their Halloween gear in place, and I am finding more and more of my purchases being of the haunted holiday variety. During a trip to the grocery store a few days ago, I bumped into a massive display carrying a Halloween version of one of my favorite cereals, Cap'n Crunch. As is the case with all styles of this wonderful sugary snack, it is delicious as all hell, but what makes it different from the usual CC cereal is the haunted crunchy ghosts (no relation to crunch berries, mind you) that turn the milk from white to a spooky shade of green! What?! How is that possible you ask? Satanism, of course, but boy does the devil taste delicious!


Sam Adam's Octoberfest is one of the highlights of every Halloween season for me, and as you can see, I have already indulged in a few swigs of this here tasty beverage. I actually love pretty much any type of micro-brewed Oktoberfest, but I am not sure how much variety I will find in my part of Ohio (though, they do hold an actual Oktoberfest here!), as opposed to Mass where there were more than enough choices to give half the state alcohol poisoning. My personal favorite - and the one I will miss the most - is Berkshire Brewing Company's Oktoberfest out of Deerfield, MA. If you love great beer and are ever anywhere near New England, make sure to keep an eye out for it, or any of their brands, and send me a couple of 64 oz growlers while you're at it!


I have one more thing that made its way into my life and, in turn, my heart recently and that is this awesome hand-soap dispenser that I found while scooping out the Halloween scene at K-Mart. The second I heard the sweet sound of evil cackling and organ music, I was sold. Best part is you can just tap the top of the dispenser to get the song to play, so I can keep on having dirty booger fingers with no worries of them becoming clean due to my Halloween fiend like tendencies. I conform to no form of soap.


  1. I haven't found any Halloween cereals yet! I'm jealous.

    Man that soap thing is so stupid it's brilliant.
    Nice punctuation with the thumb up. Made me laaaaugh and laaaaugh.

  2. I can't echo you enough on Oktoberfest. And Sam Adams is one of my favorites. I actually have about 15 bottles a'coolin in my fridge as we speak. If I hadn't already had two glasses of wine tonight, I'd totally be hitting that.

    Oh! And I never knew there was a Halloween themed Cap'n Crunch! My life is now kind of made.

  3. Steve: I literally bumped into the Halloween Crunch and was all "WHOA!" when I saw the display!

    And thanks, I thought about possible narration, but figured the thumbs up would be sufficient!

    Em: Yeah, the beer/wine combo is never a good idea and can cause quite the lethal hangover!

    Also, I don't ever remember seeing a Halloween Cap'n Crunch either, and I think I would remember if I had seen it in previous years. It's quite yummy, naturally!

  4. I give this 15 thumbs up.
    I love beer and pumpkin beer and Fall seasonals etc etc. We have Sam Octoberfest on tap at work and people go nuts for it! Alas, as I end the first full year of my gluten free lifestyle, I haven't tasted the sweet nectar myself. I fear I have forgotten its smooth, heady goodness. :(

  5. Awhile back I attended a show consisting of a troupe of up-and-struggling comics. One of the best of the bunch was riffing on cereals, and said he couldn't wait until they came out with Neo-Sporin filled Cap'n Crunch to deal with all those nasty sores it leaves in your mouth when you eat too much of it.

  6. Christine: Thanks! I think I shall tip a 40oz in honor of you not being able to enjoy the deliciousness of Halloween seasonal beer. Hopefully vodka is okay with HHW coming up!

    Array: Ha! It's so true, and the worst is if you accidentally burn your mouth on hot food beforehand THEN eat some Cap'n afterwards...shit's all over. And even with a burnt mouth, it is near impossible to fight the need to indulge in such a tasty cereal. Same goes for Cookie Crisp!

  7. That mention of HHW made me deliriously excited!!

  8. I CANNOT WAIT, but it still seems like forever away.


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