Friday, September 10, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: Nice F**king Model Edition!


With the recent and unfortunate passing of Glenn Shadix, I thought no time would be better than to show some love for the Tim Burton horror/comedy classic, Beetlejuice, on Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party. Shadix perfectly played Otho, a flamboyant interior designer that was one of the unfortunate (or fortunate?) victims of the infectious Caribbean rhythms in a scene that gives us today's wonderful dance party extraordinaire.


It takes a good minute and a half to get to the dance party goods here, so I apologize in advance, but the lead up is, of course, worth the watch.

Written by Irving Burgie, William A. Attaway and performed by the King of Calypso himself, Harry Belafonte (who also had a total of three other songs that were used in the film), Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) was cemented as a piece of American pop culture due to its use in this scene from 1988's Beetlejuice. To be honest, Day-O is completely ridiculous (and wicked annoying during baseball games) but it so perfectly works for this hysterical scene, a scene that is really sold by the letting it all hang out performances from the cast. Especially the always amusing Catherine O'Hara, who really shines the comedic light in just about everything she does.

I don't know what else to say about this iconic musical moment outside of it being super fun in the silliest of ways, something that is not always easy to achieve. When it comes down to it, this scene speaks for itself, and I do know watching it again makes me want to revisit Beetlejuice as it has been far too long since I've seen it.


  1. *laughing hysterically*

    You know those identity defining movies of childhood? You've named mine.

    And the only reason I'm not ashamed to say I've learned to sing along.


    Otho DIED?!?!?!

  2. :( very sad... i met him once and he was very generous and kind.

    ... so this is for you otho.... one last jump in the line....


  3. Ashlee: It really is such a great film and certainly one I adored as a kid too. So many memorable scenes and the darkness that Burton brought was so different at the time.

    And yeah, Shadix passed on the 7th from a fall that resulted in blunt force trauma apparently. It's pretty sad, especially with how young he was.

    Zombie: It certainly is, but that's really cool that you got to meet him, though.

  4. i an very fortunate to have... he was a nice guy... now if i could find the photo.


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