Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paracinema Gets A Pair of Fat Lips


It's once again time to take a trip over to the wonderful world of Paracinema…The Blog. If you are to do so right this very second, you can check out my incredible review for Vicious Lips (aka Pleasure Planet)! What is (or are) Vicious Lips you ask?! Well, if you must know, it's an 80's sci-fi/horror/musical/comedy, set in the future, and follows an all girl rock band that run into all sorts of crazy trouble!! How crazy you ask? Wicked crazy! Now, enough with the questions and get to the reading (by clicking here!). Oh, and have a great day.

No trailer for this one to be found, but here is a clip that is more than enough to whet your appetite, and also serve as a look into the future of Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party - Me


  1. That poster or VHS art or whatev is BADASS! Who wants to get a matching tattoo??

  2. I know, it is awesome, and totally misleading, much like the poster I posted in the review. But seriously, those hands are doing some work on that fine lady, and even if they are monster hands, she seems cool with it because they are clearly doing things right!


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