Friday, September 17, 2010

Jean-Claude's Friday Night Dance Party Part 3!: Drunken Boxing Edition!


This Muscles from Brussels is truly marking his territory here at CNAMB, and now with his third time tearing it up on the dance floor, Jean-Claude Van Damme has had the most dance party appearances outside of Freddy Krueger. I'm sure that makes him enormously proud. But what he should really be proud of is his ability to tantalize us all with every move he makes, and no, this clip is not quite as infectious and move groovy as My Name is Jean Claude Van Damme - I will Dance For You, but shit will really put you in the mood to let loose. 

This clip comes from the Van Damme 1989 martial arts classic, Kickboxer, and really shows what an imposing force JCVD is when he gets in a groove. He just gets up there and swings his dick around for a minute and next thing you know, dude has two girls under his spell. And heck, how can these ladies resist? I mean, it must be very difficult to fight off the urge to rock it with JCVD when he is adorned with some fabulously fitted khakis, matched with some sort of onesie that looks to have buckles on it. There is no saying no to that, it is what it is, and to fight it is to fight yourself.    

It's no wonder the locals are so quick to brawl with Jean-Claude in what is one of the greatest scenes in all of cinema. Guy came in, looked better than everyone else, danced like Denny Terrio wishes he could, takes all the bitches and then proceeds to rape the floor and shake his butt cheeks like it's no ones business. It was only a matter of time before the male patrons of the finest establishment in Thailand take shots at this khakied dance machine. The fight scene is nothing short of spectacular as Claude Van pulls off his signature moves perfectly, only to finish them with a little sway to show that he is indeed drunk. My personal favorite - the no look, behind the back head butt, only to be one upped slightly by the perfectly placed splits-kick-to-double head-split. Lights out, bitches. 


  1. He certainly improved from his dance moves in Breakin'. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

  2. Aaron: Right? It's pretty unfair that a dude is able to get away with leotards and speedos, when I simply can't without some sort of ridicule.

    Duke: He has improved, as did his fashion sense! If you like JCVD in Breakin', make sure to check out this clip that is sure to infect your brain for days!

  3. If memory serves, didn't he also sing on the soundtrack?

  4. Stop it! He did not, did he?! I need to know more, now!!

  5. Those hips don't lie! But I really should know better than to watch FFNDP with my morning coffee. We almost had a very coffee'd monitor.

    My only beef is how ho-hum is dancing ladies were. You would've thought it was a school dance or something!

  6. You're so right! I probably didn't notice because I was too busy checking out Claude Van. Those girls need to take a cue from the mini-hoes that run with Mini Daddy!


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