Sunday, September 5, 2010

Because I care

Since there hasn't been a hangover worth doing for the second week in a row now, I thought I would take this time to focus on something that is of the utmost importance to me. Your safety.  A buddy of mine showed me this workplace safety video some time back, and while I have seen plenty of classic safety videos, this is one that comfortably sits on a throne of blood, ruling over all others. The wonderful music, the phenomenal acting, and of course, the gruesome, incredibly violent and blood soaked deaths! This shit is like watching a Final Destination film in under five minutes, but better! I shall give ye a warning as this video does contain many violent images that kick a ton of ass, but it is OSHA approved, so it's okay.


  1. Dude that video is brutal.
    We had this workplace saftey campaign called Prevent-it here (Ontario) that aired a pretty narly set of TV spots. THey were not quite as out and out OTT as this, but went pretty far for TV commercials. I also dug them as there was a psuedo zombie vibe to some of them where the dead come back to life to explain what went wrong.Check em out:

  2. Oh, I think the Germans have us beat:

    Staplerfahrer Klaus (with subtitles!)

  3. Vish: Those are great! Love when that chick falls off the ladder...I almost shit myself laughing! There is the texting while driving PSA that aired in Britain that was pretty brutal and definitely worth a watch too!

    Doug: Wow, that is like the Shaun of the Dead of workplace videos! The end is nothing short of fantastic too. I could watch these videos all day long, and maybe I will!

  4. I know I shouldn't find life altering injuries and violent death funny.

    But that was hysterical!

    As if our culture isn't already astoundingly ironic, we do safety videos to compound our anxieties.

    It's either brilliant work accident prevention or a crippling productivity tactic a la Homer Simpson.

  5. WOW!!!! This video is so amazing. Thank you for sharing! Some of the comments on there are almost as good as the video itself.

  6. Saw this for the first time last year. Friends and family that I show it to swear its fake.

  7. Ashlee: Whenever I have had to watch, or show employees safety videos (or training ones), every just laughs at how lame they are. We had one when I was a restaurant manager that played that terrible song, Starry Eyed Surprise, just to be hip and cool. All it did was invite disapproving jokes and laughter!

    Becky: I had that video in my saved drafts for like a year, so I have never even seen the comments. Now I have something to look forward to!

    POT: I think it's totally real, and definitely a video that was made to show just how gruesome an accident can be, just to frighten employees into safe practices. They certainly tried but they also certainly made one of the funniest videos ever!


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