Saturday, September 25, 2010

Girls Always Fall For the Bad Boy

Due to the unfortunate interruption known as work, life and now me being extremely tired and it being a little too late to do up a proper dance party (and Friday is over to top it off), there will be no FFNDP this evening. I know, it's terrible, but you'll get over it after a day or so. Vodka helps. Not to be one to simply let the night run on empty, I do have a little Freddy related video clip from that youtube place where all those youngsters be watching them hippity hoppity videos that are so popular these days.

It's a quickie about Freddy Krueger finally finding someone to love, and I don't know anything about it outside of the obvious stuff like it's animated, short and all sorts of adorable. It really follows the old adage of, if you love something, stab it, and if it comes back to you again then it was meant to be.



  1. What?!! No FFNDP this week? How dare you?!! At least I have this Freddy clip (and yes, some vodka) to console me. And you really can't blame the girl in the clip for falling for Freddy, he's such a lovable little scamp after all!

  2. Dude high five for a shitty work week, put in 57hrs this week while I was sick as hell.. Yay for manual labor..

  3. Great video, & what with the kickin' soundtrack and theme-appropriate subject matter, a more than adequate stand-in for the dance party, sez I!!!

  4. Awesome video! It reminds me of every relationship I've ever been in.

  5. Dorian: Ha, I have only missed one or two, but as long as I can get something Freddy related up, it makes things all better! He thankfully has a lot to work with too!

    April: Ha ha, is that some Bill Cosby shit you just dropped on me?! Well played!

    And the girl must be nuts, or Heidi Klum, to want to date a guy with skin that bad!

    Carl: Seriously, I totally see it as cramping my blogging style, which I really hate. If I could, I would put out so much shit that the internet would have to call for an intervention!

    Astro: Thanks! Sometimes a lack of time and energy work out for the best, and it's nice to have a stable of back up stuff just in case too. You can never go wrong with a good video!

    Hey!: Heh, but were you the victim, or Freddy?!

  6. Well that was a cute art school project.

    I suppose I can find something else to dance to on the 'pod.

    I missed your spinnin' this weekend, DJ Magic Matt.

  7. Ha, I so love that name! I'll get you back next time my dear friend!

  8. Bill Cosby is scarier than Freddy Krueger. Fact!


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