Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Totally Tubular Trailers

Oh snap, it's time for trailers! I know I'm excited, are you excited? No? Ugh, you are so rude, but that's why I love you…it's like a game of cat and mouse trying to win your affection. I was going to post the Paranormal Activity 2 teaser and the Let Me In trailer, both of which are pretty good, especially the PA one, but that shit is all over the net of inter, so I'll stick to the lesser known films. They deserve the love more, and I shall give it to them. Unless you want to talk Scream 4 rumors? That's always interesting.


First up is the full trailer for Bitter Feast, a film that has a celebrity chef kidnap and take revenge on the (blogger!) food critic that deals the final 'bad review' blow to his already waning career. I've been following this one for a while, as the idea behind it is pretty funny, and I can imagine that a chef will be able to deal out some interesting ways to create pain for his victim. Directed by Joe (Di?) Maggio, Bitter Feast is also produced by Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix, which has been a solid independent horror company, putting out quality cinema offerings for some time now, so that certainly bodes well for this film. Check out the trailer, but don't do so on an empty stomach. Unless you're going swimming in the next hour or something, then do watch it with an empty stomach. I don't want you to drown.




Next trailer up to bat is Eugenio Mira's Agnosia, a Spanish film that focuses on a women who suffers from agnosia, a neurological illness that keeps the brain from correctly processing senses like hearing and sight. After her father passes away, she becomes the victim of some 'less than stellar' folk that would try and use her illness against her, to learn the industrial secret that her father shared with her before his death. This is a film that Todd Brown from over at Twitch has been jizzing about recently, and I certainly trust his opinion. It's an interesting idea, and I am sure the use of sensory confusion will play out in a nice way visually (kinda-sorta like The Cell, maybe? Kinda?). The teaser is brief and doesn't really give off very much, but it does look quite nice.  




Last, but certainly not least, here is the newest trailer for, Nicolas Winding Refn's, Valhalla Rising. Set in 1000 AD, the film follows a one-eyed Norse warrior named One Eye, naturally, and his young companion (not named young companion) as they travel with a group of Vikings who come face to face with a bloody fate as they discover a new land and One Eye discovers himself. It's like a coming of age tale - but with a one-eyed adult that hangs with Vikings and has a knack for jacking dudes up.

This trailer is as manly as it gets, and to top it off, there are a few brief shots of wicked violence, which is more than enough to catch the eye of most genre fans. While some might see his films as somewhat pretentious in their artistic endeavor, Refn is an amazing director, and his films will stick with you well after you see them. Oh, and one of the genre tags for Valhalla Rising is Science Fiction, which really makes things a whole lot more interesting. Grab a stein, a massive turkey leg, kick up your fur skin boots, and check out the trailer for yourself.   


  1. Who gave Mario Batalli and screen actors guild card?!

    I'm not hatin'

    I'm just sayin'

    They all sound very promising. Unique stories that I sure hope deliver in final product.

  2. You sir a fine squire of movie trailers, bringing forth delights to the masses. How ever do you hear of these?

    All of these look to be right in my wheelhouse.

  3. VALHALLA RISING? Yes please! Been stoked on that one for a while now. And thanks for sparing me the LET ME IN trailer... I could really do without seeing another one of those on my blog roll. I could really do without that MOVIE altogether, but that's a discussion for another time and place (or same place if you start a post on it... wink, wink).

  4. Ashlee: It's pretty funny that he's in it, though, I'd prefer to see Giada!

    POT: Thanks brotha! I just keep my eyes open for what ever catches my interest. I often have some of the trailers for a few weeks before I bump into enough that I think are interesting.

    Aaron: I know! Refn films his violence and action so interestingly, and you can see slivers of it in the trailer for VR. Can't wait.

    And yeah, I might get into Let Me In at some point, but what can one say about it that is of any interest? Outside of looking at the trailer and trying to figure out if it will be good or bad. Seems kinda pointless.

  5. I'm definitely on the lookout for more Refn after seeing BRONSON. I really need to go back and watch his older films. As far as LET ME IN, there isn't much to say about it now other than making assumptions about how bad it will be, just because the original was so good. I'm looking forward to reading what everyone has to say about it once the movie comes out. I had actually contemplated seeing it, but what killed it for me was the fact that that little shit from THE ROAD is in it. I can't stand him.

  6. Yeah, Bronson is such an odd film because I was so unsure about it as I watched it, but by the end I knew the film was something that would be long lasting.

    As for Let Me In, I won't see it unless I hear a lot of great things. I didn't see The Road yet, but I could tell from the trailer that homeboy won't be stepping up to what was done with Oskar in the original.


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