Friday, July 16, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: The Flower of Carnage Edition!


Even though it's still somewhat early in the season, the horror that is summer has already reared its ugly mug, causing plenty of 90+ days, filled with as much humidity as an early Schwarzenegger film. One thing that can help curb the annoyance of the summer sizzle is some snow filled cinema, and if we're in the snow, why not spill a little blood to add a hint of color to the virginal pallet? It is summer, so the flowers are blooming - The Flower of Carnage, that is. 

Written by Kazuo Koike, with music by Masaaki Hirao, The Flower of Carnage (Shura no Hana) is the theme song from the 1973 Japanese samurai revenge flick, Lady Snowblood. What makes this song just a little more special is the fact that it was sung by Lady Snowblood herself, Meiko Kaji. I'm a huge fan of Lady Snowblood and pretty much anything that Meiko Kaji touches, so naturally every second of this song makes my head and shoulders sway back and forth like long grass in the wind. It's a very soft and beautiful sounding song, which is a great contrast to the subject matter of the lyrics as well as the film in which it was written for. The title The Flower of Carnage really says it all, as that is the character of Lady Snowblood…a gorgeous and delicate flower, that is capable of true carnage in the name of vengeance.  


  1. Very cool! It's pretty hard to ignore/miss the influence of this on the KILL BILL flicks. :)

  2. Astro: I actually was going to make a reference to it, but decided to not mention it since whenever Lady Snowblood is brought up, Kill Bill is always right behind it. It's kind of hard not to, though.

    Aaron: Yeah, Kaji like an Asian P-Diddy!

  3. @ Aaron, actually, you have it mixed up. Lady Snowblood was filmed in 1973, nearly thirty years before Kill Bill, which was released in two parts: 2003 and in 2004.
    That said, I love the song it seems so...well, I can't really put it into words. The song is enough to make me want to go see the movie though.

  4. Ha, I think Aaron was just joking around with that comment! Either way, the song is fantastic, and certainly compliments the film nicely, and vice versa.


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