Friday, July 23, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: A-AH Edition!


If any dance party were to be considered truly epic, it would have to be this one right here. Because it just doesn't get any more grand than the combination of one of music's most powerful bands, and one of cinema's campiest of films, resulting in an anomaly that is slightly baffling yet completely amazing. Not sure how one can dance to this song without looking like an ass - maybe running in place to the beat would work? It did for Jennifer Beals when she was in FLASH A-AH! Dance, so why not give it a try for yourself.

Written by Brian May - who also did vocals along with Roger Taylor and some dude with a rapey mustache named Freddie Mercur-something-or-other -  Flash (aka Flash's Theme) is the theme song for one Flash (A-AH!) Gordon in the 1980 film, aptly named, Flash (A-AH!) Gordon. Flash (A-AH!) would be the title track and only single from the Flash (A-AH!) Gordon soundtrack, which was entirely produced by one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Queen.

I simply love Queen and while it may seem strange that such a well-respected band would ever do the music for a film such as Flash (A-AH!) Gordon, I don't think there could be a more perfect fit. The music of Queen, as well as its front man, is as flamboyant and flashy as it gets, and the same totally goes for Flash (A-AH!) Gordon. I haven't seen the movie in years, but the one thing that always stuck with me more than anything else about it, is the theme song itself. There are very few bands that could have ever pulled off such an outrageous song, and the video is quite the watch too. I love when Mercury takes the time to stop and watch some of the movie clips playing on the screen behind him. I can only imagine he was impressed with Ming's A-AH!some stache and gold foil fashion sense.


  1. At first I thought maybe you'd just misspelled a-HA, and meant to put 'Take On Me' on here, instead. This is probably better. :)

    I love at the end of the flick when Flash jumps up into the camera and goes "YEAH!!!" and the upbeat "he saved every one of us" part of this song kicks in. Beauty, eh.

  2. I LOVE this movie too! One of my favorites of many great lines is when Flash says, "Dale, how am I hearing you, over" and she says, "It's telepathy, over". Like telepathy was a walky talky. Love it.

  3. flash, ahh, the savior of the universe...
    flash, ahh, he'll save everyone of us...

    no it's in my head, the best part of this film is the cheese....


  4. Astro: a-HA! Take On Me is pretty epic, if not for the slamming against the walls to create color sequence, but still not Mercury singing his heart out about Flash Gordon!

    Etsy: That's gold right there...I need to see the movie again. It has been far too long, but even when I loved it as a kid, I knew it was pretty cheesy.

    iZombie: It does get into your head and take over for long periods of time. Every time I did something today, I had the song going through my head, like after I went to the bathroom, I flushed and said Flush A-AH! He'll wipe everyone of us!

  5. a-hhhh, that is bad... he could shave everyone of us... a-ahh...

  6. I totally have this soundtrack on vinyl. It sounds pretty rad at 45 RPM.


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