Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Style is Mad Versatile

I just wanted to throw out a quick thanks to a few blogs (and the owners behind them) that have been kind enough to pass on The Versatile Blogger award to Chuck Norris Ate My Baby.

They are as follows:

Simon from Four of Them

Emily from The Quest to Watch Every Movie Ever

Turnidoff Productions from Death to CGI

And my boy Geof of Enter the Man-Cave fame

We've all been through this blogger award/meme stuff plenty of times in the past, and when one receives such accolades, one is "required" to list some personal stuff about them self, then pass on the award to a handful of worthy blogs. First is list 7 things about myself, second, I have to award this to 15 of my favorite blogs. Seeing as I have gone down this road plenty of times (and named plenty of blogs), I will only do ten blogs and they will be ten, somewhat newer to me, blogs that I have been digging on.

1. I once broke my arm at a playground, then lied to my mom, telling her these girls that lived down the street threw rocks at me while on a swing set, causing me to fall. She took the parents to court, and I think we sued them, but I am not really sure what happened to be honest. I was like five at the time, so give me a break. Get it…A BREAK!     

2. I hate Lady Gaga with an extreme passion. She is nothing more than a performer, not a musician. Wild outfits, weird make-up, stage presence, and creative music videos does not make a great musical artist. All that glitters is not gold.

3. I took a group photo consisting of the Iron Sheik, the kid that played Boba Fett in Episode I and a dude dressed up as Batman on an elevator at a con. Shit was epic.

4. Even though this is Chuck Norris Ate My Baby, my preferred action star will always be Arnold Schwarzenegger over anyone else. I can never get enough of him and (most of) the films he has done.

5. I dressed up as Evil Ed from Fright Night for Halloween when I was a wee bopper.

6. My first ever slow dance was to the Skid Row classic, I Remember You, and it was with a girl that I had a major crush on at the time.

7. I used to bug out one of my friends by doing a Brundle Fly imitation when I was a kid. I would spit out my tapioca pudding back into the little package in which it came. He was afraid of horror films, so naturally, he wasn't too into it. Plus, it was pretty gross. I was a weird kid.

Alright, here are ten blogs  that I have been checking out:

1. From Beyond Depraved

2. 365 Horror Movie

3. From Midnight, With Love

4. iZombie-Lover

5. Tickets and Popcorn

6. The Quest to watch Every Movie Ever

7. Bad Ronald


9. Z for Zombies

10. The Scream Queen

Here's your award, bitches.


Thanks to the fine folks that gave me the award and please make sure to drop by their fantastic blogs as well. And if anyone in the future plans on passing an award my way, that would be great, but this will do it for award ceremonies for the year at CNAMB. Shit can get out of control, and quick.



    I only take exception to the comment that she is not a musician. Elton John is also a pop musician who wears outrageous outfits.

  2. That is very true, but he does back it up by making music that has something behind it. Not weak and uninfluenced pop music coated in auto tunes. She can sing okay enough, but her voice is nothing that I haven't heard many times before and her lyrics are nothing short of childish. You have to look at the final product that is put out, because that is what people buy into.

  3. Thanks Matt! Love the Skid Row drop...I Remember You was totally my high school class' graduation song.

  4. The fact that you dressed up as Evil Ed from Fright Night makes you alright in my book, way alright. Micah from 365horrormovie

  5. But I got it to you first. Suck it, everyone else.

    And number 1, my dear, is vaguely sociopathic.

    Lady Gaga is growing old, and she better turn out some songs that are worthy of her admittedly fantastic videos.

  6. thanks very much for the bit of lovin'. I sincerely appreciate your recognition!

    I also say the Brundle fly impression needs to be videotaped and posted.

  7. thanks for the mention... things will start happening to me now... good things...

    did you walk around saying "ohh your so cool brewster"... "the master will kill you so slowly, ohhh so slowly"...

    sorry i love fright night, i wrote a series of novels on it... that are still buried in the backyard next to the ex...

    thanks again!

  8. The Mike: Ugh, every time I hear that song I am transported back to being a youngster. On a Sebastian side note, the city where I am from is where he jumped into the audience like a wild man!

    Micah: Fright Night has always been one of my favorites. It was cool because me and my boy went to this sick haunted house and at the end of it, were interviewed by the news! That's a big deal to a little kid.

    Simon: I didn't forget! And yeah, my mom still doesn't know that it was me falling that broke my arm. I am interested as to what she would say if I do...

    Zach: I'll have Gina Davis come over and tape it for me. I used to watch a taped from TV The Fly like 3 times a week. I loved that movie so much when I was a kid and still do.

    iZombie: Dude, I want to read them! I used to constantly read the comic series that came out back then...I still have them too It was a great series and I wanted to be in Evil's gang so bad!

  9. HAHAHA!! Your mom is awesome. And I'm impressed with your ability to keep that lie alive!

  10. I love the fact that you costumed as Evil Ed.

    That's a pretty shitty lie. I hope mum doesn't ever come across this blog post.

    The Brundle fly imitation I would've paid to see!

    Thanks for the blog recs!

  11. Christine: Yeah, that is a long one running least 28 years! I'll probably tell her at some point, just because it's funny. She probably wouldn't even care, and it's not like she can ground me!

    Ashlee: The worst part about the lie is that I blamed it on someone else! I was a rotten kid at times.

    And that imitation was one of many strange imitations I used to do back in the day. Some of them were at least funny, though, but the Fly one was mostly just gross!

  12. Thank you kindly for the shout out, sir! Truly appreciated. And yes, you were definitely a unique kid. What I would've given to have a nut like you around.

  13. I must admit, as weird as I was, I was fun to hang with! And you're welcome, in a short time you have carved a nice notch in the world of horror blogging!

  14. get a shovel... i wrote two and a half of the six... then as i mentioned ex-wife stole my soul, with all the latest vampire noise in the world... i should send em' to lulu... but just as they are un-edited... i could never go back...

    storyline: ten years after the second film, brew's wants to tell his story... never happens...


  15. Thanks Matt-Suz!

    I can't help and be part of the minority but I love Lady Gaga. She's just so weird, freaky and twisted that I am attracted to her. Plus she has a banging body. But I do have a strange feeling that my attraction to creepers is going to get me in trouble one day. Hahaha

  16. As long as you don't find any pets boiling on your stove top, you should be okay. If you do, get out of dodge quick!


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