Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Horror Hangover


Well, it's Sunday, your brain is expanding past the capacity of your dome piece, there's a half eaten pot of crusty ass mac and cheese on your coffee table, and your thinking to yourself "I didn't have this rash last night?!" when it all starts to come back to you. By now, we should all know what this means…it's time for The Horror Hangover.

It's summer, so why not spend the day inside and away from all those pesky ants, snakes and wasps, so you can watch a bunch of movies about ants, snakes and wasps on SyFy. Things start off at 11:00 with The Hive, which is oddly not about bees, but instead, places its focus on ants. Maybe 'The Hill' or 'The Colony' would have been a more suitable title? Whatever, after "The Hive," SyFy is showing Vipers at 1:00, and Vipers is actually about genetically mutated snakes, not tarantulas or killer birds. At 3:00, SyFy finishes its day off with Black Swarm, a film about genetically mutated wasps (wait, what?) that may have been called The Hive, if not for some lame ass ant movie already stealing the name. All three films look fantastic in their own ridiculously awful way, but it is Black Swarm that has Robert Englund, giving it a tad of street cred. And I do mean tad. 

Getting away from the not-so-great outdoors, The Horror Hangover makes its first ever stop at BET for Cooley High at 1:30. I just completely adore films that are sort of coming of age tales, or focus on the lives of youths from a different time, location, or in the case of Coolie High, race. There's usually a great mixture of humor, drama, and male teenage relatability that just speaks to me for some reason. Cooley High is one of the best of that genre, showing that most young males follow similar paths and go through familiar heartaches growing up, no matter who they are or where they may come from. Pick of the week.    

And the day closes over at IFC with The Minus Man at 2:35. Never saw it, and I can't say that I really care to see it all that much either, but I will always remember seeing that wild trailer that played before The Blair Witch Project. It was definitely a brilliant trailer and caught everyone's attention, but not enough for the film to really do anything outside of having great marketing.   


  1. Allow me to offer my humble insight on THE MINUS MAN... here goes, ready? *SNORE*. Seriously, it is the cinematic equivalent of a cheap sleeping pill. Sucks. THE HIVE is actually a cheese-tastic, but slightly original, sci-fi take on the "killer ants" concept, and better than I thought it would be, but by no means "good", either. Happy Sunday, man.

  2. I don't ever recall seeing the trailer for Minus Man. Looks interesting. The way she freaked out when the sun rose made me think she was a vampire. But the end. WTF? Now I'm suckered.

  3. Those SyFy flicks look more enjoyable to act in then to actually watch. I tried giving it a whirl last night (I forget the name) and it couldn't even be so bad, it's good.

    Cooley High is an excellent pick!

  4. Astro: Why am I not surprised about The Minus Man? After that interesting trailer, I was excited and curious about the film, then the real trailer came out, and it did indeed look boring as shit.

    And what's funny about The Hive, it is the only one of the tree films that has no genetic mutations causing the chaos!

    iZombie: It looks like he puked on himself, unfortunately, he didn't...he's actually wearing that thing!

    POT: That is why it caught everyone's marketing, but wasted on a movie that wouldn't incite conversation like that I'm sure.

    Ashlee: Yeah, while I appreciate the SyFy films, many of them aren't as good/bad as they seem, they're just bad all together. Usually it's because they're boring, which is the biggest sin for a B-Movie.

  5. Cooley High is a terrific film. In fact, I just watched it like three weekends ago. And Freddie "Boom Boom" is in it so instant classic.

    This film speak to me too, except my friends and I took turns swigging whiskey before parties not so much wine.

  6. Yeah, there is this innocence that mixes nicely with trouble in that type of film, and I think many males can relate to that stuff. Growing, looking to hook-up with some girl, partying a little, and being slightly's a fun time in life, and Cooley High captures it well.

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  8. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. Strange.


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