Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Are the Wild Things Exactly? At Paracinema of Course!

Seeing as I recently had a birthday, I thought I would share some of the fine gifts that I received ('cause I know you've been wondering!), which also tie into the review I have up at Paracinema for Where the Wild Things Are. First, I got an Amazon gift card worth $50, which equals $50 worth of DVD's, which equals a lot if I shop S-Mart style.

The rest of the gifts are from my magical girlfriend - ed


Next, I got me this flashy new Boston Barstool Sports Leprechaun t-shirt just in time to celebrate St. Patrick's day. If you aren't already aware, this shirt celebrates what is the finest YouTube video known to man, woman, and animal. 


Here is the replacement Fenway Park shirt that I got. As you can see, the old one was getting, well, pretty old, so a new one was more than welcome. I still wore it anyways, which drove my girlfriend nuts as the pits are stained worse than a 2-month-old's diaper. Plus, there are some epic holes in them there armpits, which was great for putting deodorant on while wearing the shirt. 


Next up are the new badass sneakers I got - I love getting me some hot new kicks. I can never have  enough as I go through them fast with all the ass I kick on the dance floor.


And finally, I did get a couple of DVD's, one of which was Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, which as many of you may know, didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. The second DVD (and final gift) I got was for Where the Wild Things Are, which is the movie that I reviewed over at Paracinema…The Blog. So, if you are curious as to my thoughts of the movie, then head over and check out my review. Hope you enjoyed this fascinating look into a part on my life that could only have bored you to tears.    

Click me to read the review of Where the Wild Things Are!



  1. Oh my god. I must have that shirt.

  2. Good merch! Especially that Leprechaun shirt. That youtube clip was... unsightly. You bring the horror without even trying.

  3. It's in my blood! The horror, not the Leprechaun!

  4. that is one of my single favorite viral videos of all time, making the jump over the PC for the review Matt!


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