Wednesday, March 10, 2010

70 Years of Bearded Excellence and Counting…


Happy 70th birthday to the great Chuck Norris from Chuck Norris Ate My Baby!


  1. I can't believe Chuck Norris is fucking 70 years old! Man, they just don't make one man armies like him anymore.

  2. It's crazy that he is that old...I thought he was in his early 60's! It really shows that Karate is the true path to eternal youth!

  3. Chuck Norris was a Trending Topic on Twitter all day today. I talked about the funny tweets on my show

  4. Hey, I saw that Chuck's b-day was today and I immediately thought of CNAMB! He looks good for his age- I'd have never guessed that he's 70. just so happens to be MY dad's birthday too! Oh, and cool baby cake by the way :D

  5. Andy: I know, I was pumped about that too. Plus, being a Red Sox fan, seeing the Red Sox and Chuck Norris trending all day was simply great!

    Dorian: Ha, thanks a lot...I'm happy that you thought of CNAMB! I wonder if he knows about this blog? And yeah, I cannot believe that he is 70! The totally gym really does work!

  6. That picture has me laughing and laughing and laughing even more...

  7. Ha, the second I saw it, I knew it was the one!



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