Saturday, March 27, 2010

[REC]ording Projects in London

image002If you haven't already heard, Magnet Releasing just recently announced that it's picked up the US rights to [REC] 2. This is great news for [REC] 2 to be making its way stateside already. The first [REC] took a ridiculously long time to be released, though, that had a whole lot to do with the lesser remake/spoiler-alert box-art/trailer. I ended up getting a foreign copy at a convention, so fuck 'em. Anyways, I loved [REC], and outside of Let the Right One In, it was my favorite movie of that year and the sequel looks fantastic from what I have seen in the trailers. In addition, having Balagueró and Plaza back is a great sign, plus, having the sequel pick up right where the last one left off gets me excited to see where the story will go.

Magnet is looking to release [REC] 2 sometime early July, which will consist of a limited theatrical release through Magnolia/Magnet’s Ultra VOD program, as well as debuting a month prior on VOD platforms nationwide. Therefore, in only a few months, we should all be able to gain access to this one in one way or another. However, I am jealous that there will be no chance in hell that it's getting into any theaters near me. *Hmmf*


Something else I was pointed to today is this weird little movie called Project London coming from Spiral Productions. It's described by it's describers as a no budget special effects extravaganza, with no interjection from Hollywood. Project London is directed by Ian Hurbert and is an independently produced and distributed feature length, sci-fi, action-adventure film. Shot in HD digital video, Project London is claimed to showcase incredible digital effects work, all wrapped around a powerful story of a boy and his decision that can save Earth.

Here, watch the trailer and we'll talk more afterwards…


What'd you think? I mean, it is very low budget, but I am curious as to just how low that budget is. The effects do look pretty cool and the film has an interesting style, if it is indeed as micro-budget as claimed. It's tough to tell if it looks any good or not with no dialogue or character interaction, plus, that song is not too pretty for me ears. From my knowledge, the film is not yet finished, and they are still working on sound design, so that kind of explains that. In addition, the idea behind Project London is that people can follow its progress on the film's website, which is meant to be exciting for film fans, as well as software engineers and post-production artists. That is almost a red flag and makes me think that this all could be an excuse to say, "Hey, look what I can do with my computer!" Still, my interest is piqued and I will monitor this one for further developments. I mean, look at what happened with the amazing Ink…though, I would be very surprised if that level could be achieved again anytime soon, but one can hope. Check out the website by clicking right here if you would like more info about the project.


  1. Whoa, man--wicked background! Things are looking a little more evil around here. lol

    I enjoyed [REC] as well, and the sequel does sound interesting.

  2. From what I have heard, it's very good, so I hope it can be even half as good as the first film. At least we wont have to wait forever to see, then again, I could just watch the whole movie on You Tube!


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