Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Babble: VENGEANCE IS MINE!!! Well, not all mine

Good friend and O.G. Baby Eater, Aaron from The Death Rattle recently called for participants to get in on top five lists that he's doing every week over at his blog. It's simple enough, one subject, five films, all to span over a week's time. This is a fantastic idea and it takes a lot of dedication, so I have to give Aaron mad props for doing something that must be a bit time consuming. Some of the great subjects already covered are top five Carpenter films, five most overrated horror films, and the subject that I am breaching with Aaron this week, which is Top Five Female Revenge Movies. Aaron gives the choice of subject matter to the guest blogger, so Female Revenge was my pick for our double-dope list. I am a huge fan of revenge cinema and outside of films concerning the Apocalypse, it's my favorite genre and I'm thrilled that I got to work on this very difficult to form list. It was also quite the honor to work on something with a fine-ass bitch like Aaron, who is one of the most prolific and hardworking bloggers out there, as well as someone whose writing I've been following for some time now. Our number five choices were posted today, and it will end with our number one picks this coming Friday. So, make sure to check out what films we chose and please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on our choices as well as sharing some of your own.  Click da link!


  1. I've never seen Sex and Fury but if Christina Lindberg is naked I'm in...and out. :-P

    I am 100% sure 2 Lindberg flicks are on your list.

  2. One of my favorite genres as well!! Can't wait to take a look at the compiled lists!

  3. Jaded: Ha, Lindberg is very inspirational if I do say so myself! And I cannot say if another of her films made it or not...

    Christine: Hope you like it, Christine! It was a very difficult list to put together. So many great films for so many different reasons.


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