Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Even More Baby Babble: Vengeance continues to reign, getting my horror special edition and tee shirt all wet!

I have so much random shit to talk about that I couldn't even try and cram it in that last post, so here I go again. On my own. First up, I'll get right back into the topic of revenge films! As I was compiling my Top Five Female Revenge Movies lisvengeancet, I couldn't help but have a shit ton of revenge films cross my mind. With that, came the sudden memory that the Vengeance Trilogy super box set was due out any day now. Within an hour of that thought, I happened to drop by Freddy in Space only to see that Johnny had just received his copy in the mail, meaning that it was indeed out on standard DVD. I immediately made a mess in my pants and with my still unspent $50 Amazon birthday gift card, I went and bought it straight away! It's $44.99 new through Amazon, but being the smarty pants that I am, I bought a new copy used, and even with shipping, I only spent about $36 bucks! YEAAHHA! That leaves me with more gift card cash to buy even more stuff! Anyways, I got the set in the mail today and while it isn't the most eye catching, it's loaded more than a baked potato with cheese and bacon – which is what really matters. I cannot wait to dig into all of the extras, especially the Fade to White version of Lady Vengeance.

Something else I received in the mail s0mewhat recently, is the SFX Magazine Horror Special Edition. I actually do not have any place near me that sells either Fangoria, or Rue Morgue, so outside of Paracinema, I have not read a genre magazine in about six months. I would subscribe, but that shit is too sfxhorrorexpensive and to be honest those magazines can be pretty hit or miss. So it was very nice getting my hands on this Horror Special Edition from SFX Magazine, which is a UK based mag that normally deals in Sci-Fi cinema. The special is very well put together and has a solid and easy to read layout. It's also quite girthy, which is never a bad thing. I'm talking about the magazine, you pig! As for content, it's filled to the bloody brim with a mixture of news articles, retrospectives, interviews, and all sorts of other goodies. It came out at the end of January, so some of the news is dated, but there is plenty of great stuff to be read. You should still be able to pick up a copy at any one of the bigger book stores like Borders or Barnes & Noble, or you can order it online as a back issue. If you are interested, you can click here for more info on the magazine and some of the various articles found within.

dead-aliveA little while back, Chuck from Zombies Don't Run, asked if I would write a little something for one of the movies on his reader-voted Top 10 Horror Movies of the 90's. I got to write about 1992's, Peter Jackson splatter-piece, Dead-Alive! I actually wrote quite a bit about it and my first not-so-good encounter with the film. Stop by Zombies Don't Run to see what I wrote about Dead-Alive, it's placement on the list, as well as what other films made that list. There are a bunch of other guest bloggers that wrote for some of the other movies that made the cut, so check out who wrote what, about what? Huh?! 

parateesFinally, I have one more thing to share before I stop typing your eyes out. The good folks behind Paracinema Magazine, have just began an amazing adventure into the world of cinema related tee shirts! It's called Paratees and the tag-line of this hot new thang is "Cinema Obsession Put to Cloth," and they aspire to put inspirational genre art on quality tee shirts. Their first shirt design is available and it's inspired by the Walter Hill classic, The Warriors! The shirt is titled "For All You Boppers Out There" with the artwork done by RAZ. So please, take a second to stop by the new site and take a look around from time to time - I'll be sure to keep you all updated when new shirt designs become available.

Alright, that's it for me…I've gone on more than long enough now. You're free to go, but please come back!


  1. Dude. Your picks for top revenge films have me in a state of heady bliss so far. I am high-fiving you across the internet. In the words of Lux Interior, "you got good taste." Can't wait to see the rest of the list!

  2. Christine: You know it! I want to be a model, though...I'll wear the shirts while riding horses and playing hopscotch!

    Kate: Thanks! By far one of my favorite genres and putting the list together proved to be quite difficult. The final two shall not disappoint!


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