Friday, June 11, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party!: The Fresh Drippings of Bel-Air Edition!


Well, the new version of The Karate Kid opens today, and surprisingly it looks better than I would have ever thought. However, I think that it only appears that way due to the presence of Jackie Chan. The fighting also looks like it will be elevated from the original, but that's probably because it's the more flashy art of Kung-Fu, not Karate, this time around. Funny, Kung-fu? Karate Kid? Eh, what's the difference, it's not as if anyone can differentiate between China and Japan anyways. Even if it looks okay, I still can't help but hate it. Why? Because I cannot stand that little girl, Jaden Smith, who isn't even worthy of Ralph Macchio's Jersey ball sweat. Sorry. It's not even his fault really so much it's his one-trick dad that I don't like, and shit rolls downhill as they say.

I'd rather not spend a dance party explaining my reasons for hating Will Smith post Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, because it's all about the music, man. Even more so, it's all about the original Karate Kid, and while it's not set off in some foreign land, or filled with near wire-fu Martial Arts, nor does it have an all-star cast and a robotic pre-teen with cute braids, it has heart, inspiration, and a drunken Miyagi. Oh, and it also has one of the greatest montages outside of a Rocky film. It's the type of montage that has you doing sit-ups and stretches within minutes. Just remember, there is only one person better than you, and that is you when trained to fight, trained to be strong and trained to be the best...around.

Written and performed by Joe Esposito, You're the Best is the hype song for the All-Valley Karate Championships as well as the hype song for my day-to-day life. You're the Best is just one of many classic songs made to pump up the audience in movies where adversity was faced head-on by whomever the underdog may be. An interesting note about this song is the fact that it was written for Rocky III, but after being nudged for Eye of the Tiger, it was again replaced by Maniac on the Flashdance soundtrack before making The Karate Kid cut. While I love the song, it is a little hokey even compared to Maniac and Eye of the Tiger, two songs that proved to be much more popular at the time. Still, bounced around or not, the song has an important place in cinema and in the hearts of Karate Kid fans across the globe.


  1. Agree that it's cheesy, but oh is it awesome! Have you seen The King of Kong? It's used awesomely there, too.

    Good stuff, dude.

  2. Hahaha, this song is awesome. Sometimes I sing it to myself to try to improve my self-esteem! If I tell myself "you're the best" enough, maybe it'll come true!! Or maybe I should find my own Mr. Miyagi and learn some karate and then I will be the best!!

    I did not know that this song was originally supposed to be in Rocky III, and then Flashdance-- I personally think they made the correct decision! This fits the Karate Kid better anyway.

  3. I am a man who will fight for your honor...oh wait, wrong one.

  4. This song is truly epic, cheesy and yes, awesome and that is why I enjoy it! The original Karate Kid movie is one of my favorite 80's movies and I usually find myself compelled to watch it whenever it's on TV. The montage that features this song is definitely one of "the best" (sorry, I couldn't resist) parts of the movie. I don't know if it's just me but the dude with the bleach blond hair and eyebrows (!) has always creeped me out--ugh, that is not a good look for anyone as far as I'm concerned.

  5. Wow, that's some really cool movie trivia. I had no idea. Good stuff Matt. Its Friday day night yo, time to pawtay down....

  6. Speaking of Karate Kid soundtracks, Peter Cetera is coming to my town in a couple months and my love of KK2 might force me to buys a ticket just to see him perform "Glory of Love."

  7. This is 80's cheesy music at its finest. I love this song, but feel shameful singing it.

  8. The Mike: Yeah, it is cheese at it's finest, but that is why it's so tasty.

    I have seen King of Kong, but it's been a little while. I only remember the super straight mullet and dapper attire of Billy Mitchell!

    Emily: If you need to practicing wax on/wax off, my car needs a coat real badly!

    I agree that it does fit best with The Karate Kid, as do those specific songs fit in with their respective movies. It is a perfect example of everything falling into place.

    Dylan: Even so, I have already prepared the tea ceremony for us.

    Dorian: I'm a big fan of the film too, and while I think it is pretty timeless, it carries a lot of nostalgia. I still watch it on TV for at least a little bit whenever it's's just one of those films.

    As for the bleach blond bimbo, he is pretty creepy looking, kind of like an albino with a black belt! Only thing creepier is the face the other dude makes after he yells: "Put him in a body bag, Johnny!" and then proceeds to laugh maniacally.

    POT: I was pretty surprised, but at the same time, it so sounds like something that would fit in with a Rocky movie. Flashdance? Not so much.

    elgringo: That would be pretty should show up by sliding down a set of lights in a dope yellow outfit! More so than You're the Best, Glory of Love is my song, and It will make an appearance in a future dance party for sure.

    CM: It's hard not to love it, and you shouldn't be ashamed unless you're a Cobra Kai!

  9. Matt, Thank You! for saying what I've been grappling with about this film! I cannot stand Will Smith and his spawn suffers for brash indignation of his pompous, Hollywood yessa massa, Scientologist closet case ass!!! I refuse to be a sycophant for anything he does.

    The movie does look passable. It would be nice if they respected the art form by actually doing Karate (or just calling it The Kung Fu Kid) but excuse me for being a stickler for accuracy.

    Although the YouTube vid isn't working, I remember the song. Although it doesn't surpass Maniac for me (which was coincidentally in my head yesterday) it was perfect for this film.

  10. Yeah, my dislike for Smith has gone through phases and only gotten worse. The whole family seems completely fake and molded to Smith's liking. Blech.

    The new movie should have just been called The Kung-Fu Kid. It would have been a smart way to carry on the Karate Kid legacy, as well as set itself apart from the original franchise.

    I went and got another video...hopefully this one doesn't get taken down! Infringement laws, whatever.


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