Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caught in a Net of Fear

fearnet1 How much have all of us been dying for a horror movie television network all our own? Well, I know I have. There was Monsters HD, but that was a satellite channel and went in the pooper anyways. I hear some people talk about Chiller TV, mostly saying it sucks, and either way, it isn't available from many of the bigger cable companies. SyFy has been the closest and most accessible channel, and while I love SyFy for what it is, it certainly doesn't quite cut it as a horror channel or even a Sci Fi one for that matter. So finally, there may be a chance for redemption.

It has recently been announced that FearNet will be making a play as a cable horror channel October 1st of this year, just in time for the month long celebration that is known as Halloween! Though it is still in the works, the hopes are that the channel will be available in both high-definition and standard-definition through the following cable companies: Comcast, Cox (ha ha, cox) Communications, Insight Communications, Bresnan Communications, Verizon’s FiOS TV and AT&T’s U-Verse. If this is the case, the channel will end up in a lot of homes, hopefully mine included.


I find this exciting for many reasons, one being that FearNet has a solid lineup of horror films and the On-Demand channel always has a great mix of horror movies, from classics and modern films, to straight B-Movie cheese and exploitation. Therefore, the movies will be versatile and solid, that much I know, and that is a huge step. Another great thing is FearNet has built up a solid community focused entity through their website, and that focus shows they have their finger on the pulse of horror fans who can be the most dedicated fans of them all when treated right.

The folks at FearNet really seems to know what they are doing, especially since they started out in a low risk, internet based way to build up a fan base and get their ideas straight, before jumping into a cable channel and learning the hard way what works. They have a built in relationship already in place, they know what fans want, and I hope they can deliver the goods that I have been waiting for for a long time now.


  1. Chiller TV is kind of hit and miss. Not bad, not great, but just OK.

    NOW THIS just soiled my underwear. I have Verizon FIOS (amazing cable company BTW) and they have FearNet On Demand (which is free, yipeeeeeeeee). Not only do they have killer movies for free (everything from classics to modern), they also have some of their original programming available.

    Matt, you just made my day.

  2. I'm happy to share the joy! I had Comcast (which is a rip-off) back in Mass and with that I had FearNet, which I loved. I have some small town local cable company now and my coverage is basic, so I don't even know what they have for On-Demand out here. I do know when that channel comes out, I will switch to get it if I have to. Maybe Verizon is an idea.

  3. I could kiss you for sharing this gem of a news brief! Especially since my On Demand runs like a bad effin' car engine! When there's nothing on the tube and I'm too lazy to get out of bed to pop a DVD in, I mean, those error messsages will be the death of my cable box if they persist!

    But this news will prevent a flying cable box in the streets of West Philly.

    Thank you!

  4. Ha ha, happy to be of service! I used to get those error messages when I had On-Demand, and it was always after searching for something to watch for fifteen minutes. Pissed is a good word used to describe how I felt. But yeah, a good horror channel has been much needed for so long now, I just hope it delivers, but I think it will.

  5. Sounds good - I just hope that Fear Net does not go the way of Sci Fi, er SyFy...what a dreadful station that has become.

  6. The only way I ever thought that FearNet could top itself would be to have a channel like it in the vein of the old Sci-Fi Channel. Glad you relayed this info along. This will give them another avenue to release their original programming and show even more flicks than they can offer in their database. The channel motto should be: We F'n love F'N!

  7. Dammit, I have Optimum cable...

  8. Nice. I've watched FearNet a few times and love it. Chiller isn't bad, but for the most part I avoid movies with big tags in the bottom right corner or commercials.

    We get Cox and I'm forever saying things like "I have to go write a check for Cox" or "let's go watch Cox" and giggling.

  9. Pax: I agree, yet, while the channel is pretty weak, I still love it and the terrible movies they put out. Still, I wish they would have kept it real and mixed things up more. I have faith in FearNet, but we'll see.

    Geof: Ha, that would be great and would show they have balls! That's one thing I didn't bring up is there original stuff, which always has high production values for stuff that is On-Demand, so I hope they can step it up for the channel itself.

    B-Sol: That is a bummer. I am not even sure if I will be able to get it or not, but I will be looking into it soon enough. My cable is called Home Town Cable, so I have to find out who they work under specifically.

    Stacia: Hehe, you can't go wrong with a solid dose of COX! I hate all the ads in the corners of TV shows and they have gotten worse over the years. The On-Demand FearNet has a Predator styled camo emblem from what remember...hopefully that is the case with the channel.

  10. DUDE are you F'n kidding me??! Thats the best news Ive heard all week, Im always pissed that I dont have satellite to get it here, but I definitely have cox, and Cox cable, so Im down like a drunken clown!

  11. Carl, you sir have a lot of Cox. I hope I get it under the company I use now, if not, I would really consider Verizon if it were available out here. It is very exciting, though, and what a great way to start off October!


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