Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Babble: Simon Says, Take the Dead For A Walk


  • Simon says… check out my review for, Simon Says, a movie that I had in my instant queue, but may have never watched if not for Christine's (kind of) glowing review for the movie over at Paracinema some time back. The film stars movie madman Crispin Glover, and is a modern day Slasher with the hook of the main killer being named Simon, thus, Simon Says! How brilliant? So yeah, you can read that review over at the newest issue of BThroughZ as well as a whole slew of other awesome articles that will make your eye balls smile with joy. It's true.

ATTENTION!!! This is future Matt-suzaka, and sadly BThroughZ no longer exists, so here is a link to my review of Simon Says, which is now located on the very blog you are reading! Enjoy! CLICK HERE!



  • There has been a lot of hubbub going around the world of internet horror concerning the upcoming television incarnation of The Walking Dead. I haven't really cared all that much about it, most likely because I have never read the books, and I think I may have needed things to come closer to fruition before I could begin to show interest. Well, now I'm starting to, which brings forth the question, how friggin' cool will a zombie TV show be?! Based on well received source material, written, produced and directed by the great Frank Darabont, and it's on AMC, which is a channel that has put out quality original programming like only cable is capable of doing nowadays. So yeah, now I'm starting to get pumped for this show, and it is shaping up to be the biggest thing since Manimal.

  • Now that the Blogathon/contest is completely all over, things are getting back to normal around here, and I am very happy about that. Mostly because I fear change….and Mark Wahlberg's third nipple. I do have a ton of very versatile film reviews written, waiting in the wings to be posted as well as a whole bunch of other ideas that are brewing in my cranium. I plan on really trying to push CNAMB to the next level and bring as much quality as I am capable of. Which isn't much, but I work with what I got. There's a dick joke in there somewhere. Anyways, keep yer eyes peeled, for the future is now!


  1. has to be THE worst movie i've ever seen. my GF & i watched this back in January, and i'm still feeling the effects from it even now. i want my 71 mins back, and NO Crispin, you are NOT forgiven. pfffft

  2. Mark Wahlberg has a third nipple? My fantasies are forever dashed.

  3. Simon: You can blame it on your slightly off twin!

    Stone: Ha ha, it is pretty terrible, but I found it to be completely entertaining.

    POT: Just pretend it's a chocolate chip.

  4. I can't wait to go read your review!!! HAHAHAH!! That movie is mind blowing!!

  5. You get this:

  6. If Crispin is his usual form, this may be a modern classic, heading over for the review!

  7. Oops, I'm a comment slacker.

    Christine: Hope you dug the review. That movie is so crazy, but definitely so fun too! His fucking accent is too much for me to deal with.

    Simon: Why thanks you...I am relieved it is not a baby!

    Carl: He is turned up to 11 in this one, Carl. Make sure you're ready for it!

  8. I thought that was going to a video for the WASP song "Manimal", but alas no. So...thanks for reminding me of crappy television shows! WHO HOO!

  9. WASP was awesome, Manimal the TV show should have been, but that wasn't really the case! Love the opening credits to that show, though.


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