Friday, June 18, 2010

Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party! Rambada: The Forbidden Dance Edition!

I have thrown quite a few of these whacky and wild Dance Parties now, and even though I've had this clip in the vault for sometime, I still find myself speechless, which is a first. It's just too much to take in for even a human as advanced as I, and it won't take you long to figure out why.

If you can't handle the entire clip due to a heart condition or you are easily turned on by sassy Spanish men, dressed up like Rambo, sexing up the screen, then please make sure to skip to 2:30. That is the moment when I am nothing short of destroyed and nothing can bring me back. The grandma hug-to-work out montage-to-sexy explosion starting at 3:15 just makes things worse.

Please, enjoy. 

What'd I tell ya? You probably need a Pepsi now to quench your thirst, but the thirst left by sweaty Spanish Rambo cannot be quenched that easily. To close the wound opened by this video, you need to burn it with some gun powder mixed with cobra spit and mango salsa.  

I did actually try and look for some info on this dude and this song, but I had to stop only after a few minutes. I think it would be a bad idea to take away from the mystique of this fabulous video, as in my mind, there really is a singing dancing Spanish Rambo that walks the streets spreading joy from his being and sweat from his follicles. Bless you Spanish Rambo, for you have blessed me with gold.


  1. Damn that dude looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone! And that jam is muy caliente! Wait... that does mean something in Spanish, right? Anyway, this party is dope! Where's all my mamis at????

  2. That shit is infectious for sure. I have been doing push-ups off of curbs all night in the hope that I will have a body worthy of oil and spicy dancing!

  3. Aww he dosent like war, just poppin it with his hotties!

  4. I wish it really was Sly.
    :( SAD FACE

  5. Kassandra: He's a badass killer, with a heart of gold.

    Christine: If you stand far enough from the screen, it can be!

  6. This reminds me of Kane Roberts, who was the guitarist for Alice Cooper for a while. He had a Rambo aesthetic and had a custom machine gun guitar he used to shoot his riffs directly into people's brains. Here is a clip:

  7. Oh wow, dude, that is serious gold right there. Love seeing old clips from the Ball too...thanks a bunch for sharing that one.


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