Thursday, June 16, 2011

Polished Poop: Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 Trailer

I have very mixed feelings about a new Laid to Rest film. The first Laid to Rest was essentially a bag of hot wolf farts, a movie so moronic I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to laugh at how stupid it is or be pissed off at its lack of competence. I generally fell towards the latter when I watched and reviewed the film, though, in retrospect, I now might be able to enjoy the unintentional humor that comes from watching "The Girl" stumble around, spewing nonsense about dead boxes as well as the handful of other ridiculous things that littered a world stalked by a killer named Chromeskull.

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 looks to be more of the same based off this first trailer. I'm very surprised to see that Chromeskull (Nick Principe) is still sporting that awkward shoulder cam. More so, he seems to still be using videotape?! Dude, that shit is so 2005, and that's being very generous. From what I remember of him in the first movie, Chromeskull poses about as much of a threat as Gary Coleman does now. With that said, one of the totally awesome things about Laid to Rest are the brutal, and well executed, knife kills courtesy of Chromedome, and I am fully expecting to see the gruesome ante upped in this not at all anticipated sequel.

That stars Brian Austin Green.

brian austin green

I begrudgingly look forward to this sequel, which is odd with my initial reaction to the first film and the bad taste left after witnessing just how poorly the film's director, Robert Hall, took to criticism of it. My expectations are very low, which isn't much of a surprise when we're talking about a Slasher flick that's using its killer's name as the title before the title, when that killer's name isn't Leatherface.   


  1. A bag of hot wolf farts?! Quit hatin'!

  2. Forgive my ignorance Matt but is a hotbag better or worse than a merely lukewarm bag?

  3. unintentional humor? I never really got the impression that there was much unintentional humor in the first LTR. For better or worse, I liken the first LTR to the Slumber Party Massacre films, except super gory. The story and characters are all dumb as a sack of hammers, but I'll take the hilariously bad dialogue over the melodramatic bullshit you see in most awful slashers.

    Don't get me wrong, LTR was not a good movie, but it's entertaining as shit to watch with some friends and some beers. Them emailing 911 was priceless.

  4. You're review of Laid To Rest was so chuckle inducing I had to press play to see for myself on FearNet. Add 'uninspired' and 'boring' to the list of adjectives you've got.

    What will the sequel do except give us B.A.G.? Let's hope he gets another shot at rapping in a scene...

  5. Dylan: Yep, hot wolf farts with a hint of doo doo!

    Hero: Better, only because a lukewarm bag has had time to sit around long enough to go from hot to lukewarm, meaning the stench is beyond all that we can comprehend!

    James: Yes, the 911 email was hysterical and there were a lot of moments, and I mean a lot of moments, that are worthy of a laugh or three, but Hall was not trying to be funny at all. In a way, that does give it so-bad-it's-good street cred, you know, for unintentionally being terrible.

    I can appreciate LTR as a bad film with some great kills, but I think many of its defenders, none of which are within this comments section, think that the movie rawks and works as a solid Slasher film. It's really about as flawed as it gets, but it does have a level of entertainment value which is nowhere to be found with many bad Slasher films. So I give it credit for that.

    Ashlee: I really hope so. Maybe Joey Lawrence will be revealed to be the killer and the two can have a white-boy, hip-hop rap off in the film's finale!

  6. After doing some interweb searching, all I can say is OH MY GOD. I had no idea Hall thought he was making a dark, serious horror film. That kicks ass. I hope that he continues striving for that and, as with his first film, failing hysterically for my amusement.

  7. This one seems to be taking on more of a 'serious' tone than the first which was trying to be 80's sleazetastic. Not. Interested. In. The. Fucking. Slightest.

    You know what I AM interested in? More commercials like this:

    Try not to soil your knickers Matt.

  8. James: Ha ha, I think it is how he perceives all of it that kind of puts me off to the film, though a good bad movie is always way better when someone makes a bad movie but they think they are actually making a good one! It's just more natural that way!

    POT: Whoa... I don't even know how to handle any of that. That is purely and completely amazing, and I thank you so very much for sharing!


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