Friday, June 24, 2011

Did Someone Say Halloween?!


There have been sightings recently, small but smile inducing rumblings that Halloween is indeed creeping slowly but ever so surely upon us. I'm trying to keep my excitement at bay for the time being (and it's not easy!), however, our good friends over at Strange kid Club are diving head first into the fray with their first annual Halloween costume contest

This is a fantastic idea to get folks into the mood a little early (because Halloween starts in August), and it's also a great way to win yourself a few awesome Halloween related prizes, too!

For the sake of not having to stumble through a summarization of how this whole contest works, I am going to simply pull a copy and paste job from the announcement page over at Strange Kids Club to save myself some thought. I can't waste too much time thinking or else I'll fall asleep. On your lawn. Naked. If you're lucky?   

"The weather may still be hot outside, but Halloween will be upon us before you know it which can only mean one thing… HOMEMADE COSTUMES!

To celebrate Strange Kids Club is kicking off our very first Halloween Costume Contest, but we need YOU to make it happen. This is your chance to dress up like your favorite monster, ghoul, creep, or superhero for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

One Grand Prize Winner will even walk away with $125 in Halloween-related merchandise including a Nail Mouth Halloween Mask sculpted by Justin Mabry (based on original artwork by David Hartman), Limited Edition Strange Kid T-Shirt illustrated by Glen Brogan, FREE copy of our Halloween Comix Anthology and more!


Entering the SKC Halloween Costume Contest is easy: simply put together the most face-meltingly fearsome (or amazing) costume you can and send us a photo. Oh, and remember to follow these guidelines:

    1) You can choose to become anyone or anything including a famous monster, comic book character, video game icon, cartoon character, or something completely original (the more creative your submission the better).

    2) You can use store-bought items to make your costume, but the final submission MUST BE homemade (absolutely no off-the-racks costumes). Again, be creative and try to use items in original and interesting ways like having actual salad leaves for your Salad Fingers costume.

    3) Have a friend or family member take a photograph of you in costume and send the final submission via email at 150dpi resolution. Please be sure to include your full name, age, address, email, and the name of the character you’re dressed as if applicable. Submissions CANNOT be digitally enhanced or tampered with (that means no Photoshop) at all and should be recent– no digging through the family photo album!

Important: We MUST receive your submission by August 21, 2011.

Selected submissions will be chosen for display on the SKC website or in future printed materials, your entry constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions below.*


Email your photo and contest details as described above in to"


  1. Halloween IS coming soon. October 1st will be here sooner than that. I planned to do another month-long thing on the blog, but I haven't even started it yet. Panic!

    Saaayyy... I didn't know you had a CG icon on your sidebar. Sweet. That's what I get for only reading through the RSS feed.

  2. I've already really become swept up in it all! After doing this post and seeing a few other sites do a few Halloween posts, I have been all into it and I came up with a few new things to do this year.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with, though. My favorite part is seeing what everyone else is doing at their sites. It's like driving through the neighborhood and checking out everyone's decorations!

    And yes, CD is quite the wonderful place, isn't it?! Whenever someone say "it's really hard to find," that is the first place I look!

  3. I do the same thing with CG. They have rarely disappointed, and I find them pretty easy to use even though I stopped understanding technology and computers in about 1996.

    October this year is gonna be sweet, I can tell because so many people are already pumped for it.


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