Monday, June 20, 2011

Dumpster Diving for Gold Episode 2: DVD Finds

Once again I have returned to bring you yet another VLOG edition of Dumpster Diving for Gold. This time around I will be going over a handful of DVD finds that I recently made during my journeys to hell and back. Hope you like the video, and thanks ahead of time to anyone that actually takes the time to watch it!

Post video thoughts:

This video is so dark, white folk cross the street to avoid it.

I actually dip my toes in hot cocoa to keep them warm.

There is no way The ButterCream Gang will ever let me join with the filth that spills from my mouth.

I have since watched Ghost Dog, and I believe it might be one of my favorite films of all time. For realz.

That's all. Peace be with you.


  1. i am watching you... are you watching me?
    great bargain bin films...

  2. So glad you enjoyed Eastern Promises. It was a first time viewing win for me.

    I have yet to see Ghost Dog. But I really wanna... It's been on my radar for years and somehow movies like The Stuff and Black Devil Doll reach the top of my netflix queue first.

    Anywho, great video and more importantly, great price!

    And you MUST review The Buttercream Gang - which I'm glad you gave the description of because I can't be the only one who thinks it sounds like the title of a gay male porno.

  3. That was amazing! Have you watched The Buttercream Gang yet? I must know if it's as good as it sounds.
    Again, good stuff! You're like a movie star!!!

  4. iZombie: The answer is yes, I most certainly am!

    Ashlee: You HAVE to check out Ghost Dog asap! I kind of knew what to expect, but it still somehow totally eclipsed my expectations. It's so different from anything else and I cannot recommend it enough!

    I wasn't planning on even watching The Buttercream Gang, that is, until I watched a few clips of it on YouTube and became instantly sold! Lets just say, there is a gang of three white kids that are dressed up all ese style with bandanas and shit. That's an automatic watch for me!

    Christine: Stop that! :D

    I haven't watched "The Gang' yet, but I certainly will be in the nearish future. It has Paracinema review written all over it!

  5. Dude, I fuckin' remembering getting those reciepts all the fucking time after renting movies! Oh man, that bought back such great memories.

    I love "The Butter Cream Gang" DVD with the parental tips. That's just awesome.

    I've seen "Wendigo" pop up on my Netflix and at used DVD stores from time to time. I guess I'll have to check that out.

    Love the video, man! Keep them coming!

  6. Awswwwwesome. WENDIGO has a few moments, but ultimately I found it unsatisfying. Prob'ly worth a dumpster dive, though. If you haven't gotten around to it, I recommend Fessenden's THE LAST WINTER if you like this one, and if you're a sucker for winter shit (I am too).

    Always wanted to get around to GODS AND MONSTERS. And I will fucking fight the Buttercream Gang or any of its members. To hell with those guys.

  7. 1. This should be done in 3D next time.

    2. Brendan Fraser, sigh. He knows his limits, and he stays happily within them. Give the beefcake a break.

    3. You should do a movie club on The Buttercream Gang. Roundtable discussion, cupcakes, et al.

    4. Wendigo. I hope you write about it. I watched it back in the waning days of VHS rentals and was disappointed that it wasn't a horror film, as its packaging suggets. I would probably like it more now knowing what I get and don't get. Namely, Jake Weber's ass.

  8. Good job, man. At least you got the aspect ratio right this time! I haven't seen GODS AND MONSTERS yet, but I've been meaning to for a while. Looking forward to the next VLOG.

  9. Jason: Thanks, man! The second I saw that receipt printing up, I was instantly brought back to the golden days of video stores too. I figured there would be some people that would appreciate that large and in charge receipt and the nostalgia it brings!

    It was definitely those parental tips that sold me on the Butt Gang DVD. I’m glad I got it now because I can already tell it’s gonna make for a great review!

    Astro: Check out Gods and Monsters fo sho!

    We should start our own gang and call it the Whipped Cream Gang, then we can do whip-its and eat ice-cream sundaes and shit. The butter cream gang best watch out!

    It’s been a bit since I watched Wendigo, but something about it stuck with me over the years. I do look forward to giving it another whirl soon enough, though. I have been meaning to watch The Last Winter for some time and just haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’ve always heard great things about it, plus, as I said, winter settings are an easy way to sell me on most any horror film.

    Emily: I thought about doing a conversion to 3D, which I may still do for the re-release!

    And yeah, I don‘t really hate Fraser as much as I hate a lot of the films he does, especially the Mummy flicks. His films are mostly terrible, but he pretty much stays in his own little world. It’s almost as if he has his own genre. He is pretty good in Gods and Monsters.

    I may do Wendigo during the month of December aka Death-cember. I like the cast quite a bit and the backwoods dudes were convincingly threatening. Also, that sex scene (with Weber‘s butt) was quite saucy, wasn’t it?!

    Aaron: Ha, thanks! I went from a jacked up ratio to bootleg dark…maybe I’ll get it right next time! I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on Gods and Monsters.

  10. Diggin' the Ellen Aim songs in the background--nice choice! Anyway the only movie out of the bunch that I've seen (and own) is Eastern Promises. Awesome flick.

    Lately I've been hitting our local Big Lots for most of my DVD purchases since they sell most of their (brand new) movies for $3 to $5 a piece which is pretty sweet. Like you I can spend a lot of time searching for DVD's in the hopes that I find some good stuff, both horror and non-horror. Recently I found the special edition of Candyman, as well as Abominable (love that movie, haha) for $3 each, along with the 3 pack of Psycho II, III & IV for $6. Gotta love getting stuff for cheap :)

  11. I watched it again, with Dylan this time. You need your own channel. Like on TV.

    TOTALLY do a Buttercream Gang review for the site! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  12. Dorian: Ha ha, glad someone found some enjoyment out of my music choice! I love those songs as well as Ellen Aim!

    I have a Big Lots not too far from where i live and I always find some good stuff there for a great price. Next time I make it out there I'll have to look for Candyman. I love that film and unfortunately I do not own it. I also really like most of the Psycho sequels, and to get 3 of them for that price is quite the deal!

    Christine: Like Oprah, only less frightening?! My channel would have to be on cable with my grossly filthy mouth!

    And the Butt Gang would be reviewed nowhere BUTT Paracinema! ;)

  13. Charm the Hallmark Channel and get the rights to The Christmas Shoes, PLEASE!

  14. Like the song by New Song or the Christmas movie that the song is based on?!


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