Friday, March 4, 2011



Earlier today, Marc Patterson of Brutal as Hell made a call-to-arms in support of FEARnet's HD cable channel. Some time back in June of last year I had done a post expressing my anticipation for finally having a horror channel on the horizon, specifically one that has a solid library of films that have been built up over the years through FEARnet's wonderful VOD service. In October of last year, FEARnet dropped a 24/7 horror network that's programming consists of an array of horror cinema covering everything from classic to modern, as well as FEARnet original series, all of which are properly broadcast in HD.

Now, the only issue with such a grand channel built specifically for movie fans that love to hear things that go bump in the night is, FEARnet HD is only available through Verizon FiOS (channel 197). Personally, I do not have Verizon FiOS due to it not being available in my area, and I will take the gamble and guess that there are many of you out there that suffer from this same problem. So, what's a ghoul to do? Well, for one, you can stop by the FEARnet website, and with a few simple clicks you can request that your local cable company carry FEARnet HD. CLICK HERE, then click on the thingy that says 'Get FEARnet HD', and the rest is history.

Seriously, most if not all of you out there right now are horror fans, so there is no reason that all of us cannot band together to give ourselves something great. It's easier than burning a bra or making a sign, so get to it, why don't cha? Look at their upcoming lineup for March if you aren't convinced yet…March Highlights.   


  1. On it! I had Fios and its pretty badass. Wife and I moved and AT&T U-verse is our new provider. Equally as awesome sauce.

  2. Will do! Man do I miss Monsters HD...

  3. I was gonna mention how us 215-ers were deprived of Monsters HD... We are a patched minority if it's so difficult to get a genre film channel as an actual channel. That lasts...

  4. POT: My cable is mediocre, but I don't really care all that much since I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I would love to have better cable, but it would totally have to be worth the money, something like FEARnet would make it worth it.

    Emily: Ahh, yes, another channel I never had but always wanted before it went in the pooper. I will say, Monsters HD provided the best bootlegs of Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps before they finally went legit!

    Ashlee: I'm with would think that if a science fiction channel could make it, a horror one would too? I think even more so, but I guess it just takes getting it out there for people.


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