Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Beard!

The one, the only, Chuck Norris, is celebrating his 71st birthday today. Seeing as he is the patriarch of this fine blog you are reading right this very moment, we here at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby (I don't know who I'm referring to when I say we, but it sounds better, right?) would like to wish Mr. Norris a happy 71st birthday, as well as thank him for a whopping 71 years of martial arts excellence.


  1. chuck is like a thousand years old, he stopped aging around ten... after that every one year is like a hundred in real time... he will see the second coming and it will be named "norris"

  2. Emily: Wait, 98?! Is that because my tits sag?! ;)

    Zombie: Hopefully he has a sense of humor and doesn't come after me first!

  3. Didn't realize Chuck was such an ass-kicking foggie.

    I'll do a salute by watching Walker, Texas Ranger.

  4. That's possibly the best way to celebrate, Ashlee!


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