Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Devil's Dynamite From Hell!


Oh boy kiddies, I hope you have your permission slips all signed by your parents, because it's time for a filed trip! YAY! Okay, calm down now you little brats. Now, while most field trips are filled with learning, fun and adventure, this one is more than likely going to scar you for good, as we will be taking a trip to hell so we can play with dynamite! And when I say dynamite, I mean Devil's Dynamite, which just so happens to be the film I reviewed over at The Gentlemen's Blog to Midnite Cinema. Ninjas, jumping vampires, astronaut ninjas, short-shorts, crazy bad dubbing, and it's all brought to you courtesy of the great Godfrey Ho! This is so much better than the petting zoo, that's for sure!

Devil's Dynamite

Things aren't going to get much safer as we head on over to our next destination, a nice little movie theater where the crazed Mad Ron will be introducing us to a slew of his best horror, cult and exploitation Prevues! He doesn't do it alone, oh no siree, in fact, he has the help of ventriloquist Nick Pawlow and his undead buddy, Happy Goldsplatt, as they play host to the madness that ensues! If you've not heard of Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell, you should certainly stop by Strange Kids Club to check out my thoughts as well as the release itself (it's on Netflix instant). It's quite the bloody good time and a must for anyone that loves trailer compilations, exploitation, horror, grindhouse cinema and the 80s.

Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell

Well, that does it for today's field trip, but before I send you all back home to your parents, lets do a head count, starting with those that still have their heads!! BWAHAHAHAHA!


  1. Ho did a slew of El Crapola "ninja" movies. This is one of the "better" ones. You should definitely check out his THUNDER OF GIGANTIC SERPENT. MAD RON'S was an awesome party tape back in the day, now it's an awesome party DVD if you know a crowd of horror hounds.

  2. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed that there weren't any gold, silver or red ninja headbands, specifically with the word "Ninja" written on them, but it was certainly an entertaining watch, that's for sure! My personal favorite Ho is Undefeatable (coincidentally with Cynthia Rothrock!)!

    Also, I completely agree about Mad Ron's, which is something I was not familiar with until recently, but it is the perfect movie to have on in the background for like minded people. If I had known about it as a kid, I would have gone nuts for it!!


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