Thursday, January 13, 2011

Totally Tubular Trailers

It's been like FOREVER since I last did a Totally Tubular Trailers, or, as the kids call it, TTT, which is not to be confused with KFC, Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD: the East Coast family. You know, just to be clear. Anyway, I have here some wonderful trailers to share with you all, some of which I've had sitting in this saved draft for far too long and a few more that have come out recently and are what I would like to call, dope.


Starting things off on an apocalyptic note is the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles. Set in the present day, the film focuses on an alien invasion/battle through the eyes of a group of military personnel. Now, there have been so many shitty alien invasion films (I'm looking at you, ID4) that I am very skeptical about most films of the genre. And with Jonathan Liebesman at the helm, the director behind such dreck as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Darkness Falls, things aren't any more promising. Nevertheless, this is an awesome trailer, and as well worn and often disappointing as this genre type is, Battle looks like it might actually deliver the goods. Plus, that title is bad-ass, and I fully expect some Frank Black to be fit in somewhere in the film.





While we're on the subject of the apocalypse, might as well go post with the trailer for Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro's (yep, that's a mouthful), Beyond the Grave. Made in Brazil, Beyond the Grave is a good verses evil tale focusing on a police officer who is on the hunt for a possessed serial killer. The trailer is very interesting and appears to be a western influenced road film with a mixture of fantasy, revenge, horror, and of course, there are zombies. Cool trailer, and I specifically dig the music quite a bit.






Speaking of great music, our last trailer for the evening, Tetsuya Nakashima's Confessions, looks like a film that will deliver all those things we love about dark and twisted Japanese cinema with a touch of quirkiness. Confessions is a revenge film about a teacher that has lost her daughter due to the actions of her classmates. Being a teacher, the grieving mother concocts a plan to take revenge on those students that were responsible for her daughter's death. And I would gander that insanity ensues. Confessions looks darkly humorous, and there's sure to be some mean-spirited and taboo situations with the whole teacher seeking revenge on school children thing. And that, dear reader, is a recipe for success. 

That does it for now, but I do hope to do these a little more than I have been, if not for the pure fact that trailers are always fun to discover and watch. Hope you found something interesting you haven't seen before! Until next time…


  1. "or, as the kids call it, TTT, which is not to be confused with KFC, Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD: the East Coast family."

    I love you, Matt! Hahaha!

    Love this feature: thank you for shining some light on world cinema - both trailers look great.

    And I maybe wrong, but I'm sure Battle: Los Angeles has been made like, made 3 times already!

  2. Thanks, Ashlee!!!

    I can't help but wonder if the slew of alien invasion flicks, or world disaster flicks in general, have to due with the fear of the impending doom known as 2012? I highly doubt the world will end, but it's an easy fear to exploit, which is something that is fine by me, so long as the films are at least decent.

  3. That Battle LA thing: the trailer was cool, but I think more than ten minutes of that nonsense would give me a head ache. Didn't I see that before in Independence Day?

    Confessions: Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Can't wait to see that one.

  4. Frank Black's song should be used for the opening credits sequence to get the film going on the right foot. Nice idea, Matty.

    Confessions looks the better of the two as B:LA looks like a rehash or a rehash of a rehash. Oh and I f'n hated ID4 too!

  5. Pax: Yes, Confessions looks like a ton fun in a very twisted way, which is always welcome to me. Battle does look great, but everything hinges on if there is something to connect to emotionally. Which is something that lacks from most films of that nature.

    Erick: Added to my little sidebar award thingy and a huge thank you goes your way!

    Geof: It would be a perfect way to open that film, or any film for that matter!

    As for ID4, I loved it the first time I saw it. Then I watched it a second time, fell asleep and woke up with this odd realization that it sucked. Like I must have been fooled the first time around, only to realize that Will Smith and his jokes, as well as dogs flying through balls of fire, is not what a good movie makes!


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