Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Revolution!


First off, I quickly wanted to say that I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. I know I did with a disturbing amount of alcohol and the eventual breakout of what I like to call, Matt's Moves. The dance floor will never be the same again.With the year known as 2010 being over and done with, it's time to look forward to the future here at CNAMB. Now that the year has passed, it's time to start thinking about my best (and worst) films of 2010. I figured I would wait until the year was actually over to put something together, which gave me some more time to catch up with a few films that I wanted to see, even if I missed way more than I would've liked to. Either way, that should be making its way to these here parts in the next week or so as well as a few other year end thingies.

As far as the blog goes, there will be a few changes, mostly with the exclusion of a few key segments that have been around for nearly as long as this blog has been kicking. I will more than likely do one last Freddy's Friday Night Dance Party to send it out on a fun note, and it's all but a big bye-bye for The Horror Hangover, too. They seem to have lost their luster and become a choir more than anything. It's fun to come up with various ways to do segments like those but, at the same time, nothing sucks worse than having to feel obligated to do them. Also, spending up to an hour trying to find some of the videos for FFNDP is nothing short of time consuming and frustrating.

With segments leaving equals more time to do other shit. I don't have anything specifically planned, but I would like to do different things like the True Grit/Winter's Bone post or the Brundlefly Christmas gift guide, which were posts that I wrote instead of wasting time throwing Dance Parties and having Hangovers (which only made the previous decision all the easier). I also want to try and scale down the length of my reviews. I have an incredibly difficult time writing short reviews, only because I usually have so much to say and it's hard for me not to say it all (and yet I hold back so much!). However, I think these over a thousand word reviews may be a bit alienating to some of you kids out there. The comments have dropped drastically, and I would assume that it was either due to A) my reviews suck, or B) people see the length and for the hills they run (that's not what she said). I can at least try and fix one of those issues.

Now this post is suddenly getting too long, so I leave you with this, a thank you to everyone that made 2010 a great year here at CNAMB, as well as a massive thanks to all of the awesome people that have breached the internet to become good friends. And now, onto 2011…


  1. I occasionaly try to write shorter reviews, but it never really works out. Case in point, my SANTA'S SLAY review, where I talk about the actual movie for maybe three sentences, and it's STILL almost 1000 words! I'm just long winded and pretentious, I guess.

    Do people really shy away from reading 800-1200 word reviews? I only get restless when a review is super long and feels the need to mention every scene in the film (like the site JABOOTU'S BAD MOVIE DIMENSION), although I've done that myself at least once. I guess some people consume blogs as if they are sort of a longer version of twitter, with pictures and video. Also, maybe some people only read reviews for a one paragraph plot summary, and one paragraph saying if it's good or bad and why, and skip through anything else.

    So, basically, if nobody else wants to read 1000 word reviews anymore, I'm totally fucked. Personally, I think keeping reviews in the vicinity of 2000 words is a good rule of thumb, unless it's an in depth critical essay (like something that goes over what cinematic techniques are used throughout an entire film and why). Well, that's my two cents anyway.

  2. As long as a review is well written, readable and interesting than I don't mind the length. Case in point Matt-- YOUR REVIEWS. They fit all the above which is why you are on my list of awesome people.

    A problem I see with a lot of reviews that really gets under my skin is that the entire thing is a plot summary with the last paragraph being a few sentences about how they liked it. I even noticed I did this in my early early reviews, and quickly remedied it. Now my summaries are a tiny paragraph.

    I'm not sure about the reasoning for the drop in comments. The biggest thing I can think of is, that occasionally I will not comment on something that I have not seen. I know that's kind of a bogus thing to do, but I like to give feedback on points raised in the review and if I haven't seen it then what can I say? This really is a horrible explanation because really why would you want to not review something no one has seen. But ah well, it's 2pm and I need a nap.

    Anywho, I like that you are changing stuff up. And no matter what direction CNAMB goes I will be sure to follow. Keep up the spice. Drink beer and write a post (that always helps my creativity) and remember--blogging is the tits as long as you give people a reason to come back.

  3. Yup, no matter how the content changes, I know it will always be great here. I wouldn't necessarily edit your posts to be shorter, since yours are generally enjoyable from beginning to end. I tend to assume longer posts get less comments not because they don't get read, but maybe because EVERY WORD doesn't get read as often so you end up with more skimmers who aren't as comfortable commenting.

    Just keep doing your thang. I'll be there!

  4. TD: I try and do short reviews all the time and once and awhile it works out, but more often than not, I look at the word count and it's suddenly at like 900 with a paragraph or two to go!

    I agree that when a review is pretty much a glorified plot synopsis, it is not much fun to read unless the reviewer can work that angle in a way in which it is funny. It all depends on the content and so long as there is some personality, I can usually bite.

    Aaron: Well, I have been really wanting to get into scrap-booking…if your interested, we can get some wine, throw on some Misfits and make a night of it?!

    Andre: Thanks, lady! I went over the plot a little too much in my earlier reviews, but I did always try and at least make them funny if I could. I think it all depends on how a post unfolds and sometimes a review angle that I didn't think about before hand can come about as I am writing it too. It certainly depends on the movie, too.

    I actually leave a lot less comments than the posts I read, which would usually be the case with reviews for movies I have not seen. I'll read the review to see what so-and-so thought, but I kind of hate doing the "that sounds awesome" comment all the time. I'd rather add my two cents if I can.

    Emily: And thanks to you too, Emily! I will try and make them shorter, but I don't think I would do so at the expense of what I have to say. But I would like to get them down a hundred or so words if I can. But I have tried to do that plenty of times before without much luck, either, so we'll see what happens.

    Either way, I like to think I write for myself as I get much satisfaction out of doing so. It's a nice way to feed the brain in many ways and brings out thoughts I might not have had, but I do love comments. Not for the coolness of getting them, but the interaction that they bring about, which is something I know you have always been big on with Deadly Dolls.

  5. I agree about your posts. Especially your reviews because you put so much though into them that it all comes together well regardless of length. Me personally, don't like to fly through someone's post but give them my time and full attention. It's only fair.

    I am sad to see your key segments go but I completely understand.

    Your general musings are a chock full of humor genius. Never lose that!

  6. Thanks, Ashlee...I plan on keeping the humor, but it will be nice to be able to spread it around instead of always kind of doing the same thing. I really just need more time to cover Lifetime movies!

  7. PLEASE!!! MORE LIFETIME MOVIES! That is not a question!

  8. I knew that would get your attention! I don't know how long I will be able to resist with films like Craigslist Killer!


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