Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chucktober 6: The Curse of Matt-suzaka!


Good gravy, just what on earth could that smell be?! Rotten milk? A dead animal? The sticky side of Nelly’s band aid? Oh, wait, I know what that smell is! It’s…


Okay, now that you've had a moment to get used to the stench, I should quickly explain what Chucktober is. You know, in case you weren’t here last five years. Simply put, Chucktober is a month-long celebration in which all posts are dedicated to the work of actor, singer-songwriter and mime Nuno Roque!

Oh, wait, that’s in January. Or should I say, Nunoary?

Anyway, Chucktober is, in fact, an entire month exclusively dedicated to all things horror and, of course, Halloween. What does such an event include, you might be asking?! Well, pull up your pants (seriously) and take a look for yourself!

Goosebumps TV shows

The Worst Witch 1986

Fun Size 2012

bad trick or treat candy ideas

Rocktober Blood

Salute Your Shorts Banner

ghoul school 1990

Seriously, if your pants aren’t full, then you must lack the ability to poop, because this line-up is set to rock your bowels with the force of 10,000 Arby’s Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melts.

Regardless of your bowel movements, or lack thereof, I for one am Xtremely excited for this Chucktober, so without any further ado…



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