Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bad Trick or Treat Ideas: Candy Corn

bad trick or treat candy ideas

Candy Corn: that white, orange and yellow “treat” that makes an appearance every Halloween season has become the bane of numerous people across this great country. Year after year, Candy Corn shows up in countless homes, only to be discarded after sitting in a dusty glass dish three months after Halloween has passed.

Made up entirely of corn syrup and sugar, no other candy is associated with Halloween more than Candy Corn.

Wait a second... let’s break that fact down a bit:

  • “Made up entirely of corn syrup and sugar” - Corn syrup and sugar happen to be two ingredients that I love.

  • “No other candy is associated with Halloween more than Candy Corn.” - Hey, I love Halloween and everything about it!

Actually, you know what? I like candy corn. From it’s eye-appealing Fall colors to its sugary ingredients, Candy Corn is the candy manifestation of Halloween. Show some respect, ya filthy animal!


  1. Hey, I like candy corn too, but only if it's Brach's brand. I guess that makes me a bit of a candy corn snob :) Plus now there are so many of different flavors of the stuff that it's ridiculous (I really like the apple pie flavored one too)!

    1. Yeah, there are all sorts of different flavors now! I had Skittles flavored Candy Corn this year, and it was pretty good. Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

    2. Thanks Matt, Happy Halloween!


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