Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Totally Tubular Trailers

With films spanning South Korea, France, Costa Rica and Hong Kong, this edition of Totally Tubular Trailers brings about quite the versatile mix of upcoming horror cinema for you all to chew on. So why not grab yourself a seat, tuck that napkin into your shirt and dig right in to what I've cooked up for you.


Our globetrotting begins in South Korea with one of my absolute favorite filmmakers, Park Chan-wook, whose latest film Paranmanjang (aka Night Fishing) would prove to be his most ambitious project yet. Staring PCW  regular, Oh Kwang-rok, and Korean pop star, Lee Jung Hyun, Paranmanjang is a 30-minute short film that the director shot using only an iPhone. The film follows a fisherman who catches the body of a woman dressed all in white. After making this discovery, the fisherman faints, only to awaken and find himself wearing the woman's clothes. Okay?! So, as much as it's basically a big commercial for Apple, I find this whole thing quite fascinating. What can a director do using the camera found on an iPhone? But more so, what can one of the best filmmakers working do with such a device? The odd teaser below shall give you a glimpse as to what's in store.





Keeping with the strange ways, next up is the trailer for Quentin Dupieux's killer tire film, Rubber. I mean, what else can you say about it? It's a movie about a lone, telekinetic tire named Robert, who's tired of being treaded on and goes out on a killing spree, flattening anyone that gets in his way. Set to make tracks on VOD in February, with a limited theatrical release in April, It looks like Rubber might be incredibly funny, but who knows exactly how long before the whole thing deflates and the novelty wears off for the audience. 





Next up is the trailer for Miguel Gomez' The Sanatorium (El Sanatorio), a mockumentary styled horror film following a group of young ghost hunters who get more than what they bargained for when they take a trip to the infamous Duran Sanatorium in Cartago, Costa Rica. Mockumentaries are a bit tricky, and even the best ones tend to fall flat by time the finale hits, so my excitement is curbed for the most part. Still, it does look like it could be fun and it's nice seeing someone rockin' an Op Ivy sweatshirt. 





Our final film for the day comes from Chinese director, Pang Ho-cheung, whose film Dream Home is a Slasher movie with a whacked premise and a seriously sharp looking bite to it. Dream Home focuses on a woman (Josie Ho) that will do what ever it takes to live in a beautiful home with a view of the sea. Her only problem is she cannot afford it, so she takes it upon herself to lower the property value the only way she can…by killing the people that live in the neighborhood. Like I said, it's a wild premise, and man does it look insane. This is a really well put together trailer, too and Dream Home may be the film I look forward to the most out of all of these.



Well, that was a good ol' time, now wasn't it? Hope you enjoyed a few of these trailers I have provided. Until next time, my love.


  1. If Rubber isn't great, I may flip out.

  2. I'd be interested to know what David Lynch thinks of Park Chan-wook's techniques on that one, given that he famously chided the Internet for watching films on iPhones and iPod Touches.

    Then again, this is the same guy who shot a 180-minute feature on DV. So maybe he sees a place for it?

  3. oh yeah, you the man...

    jeremy [iZombie]

  4. Christine: I hope it looks so fun and I think there is serious potential to be silly/smart film.

    Karl: I applaud a director for making bold and challenging choices (for the director and audience), then again, this seems more like a fun project for Park than anything. Lynch would probably want us to watch the film on our TVs, regardless if it was shoot on an iPhone or not!

    Zombie: No, you da man, dawg!

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