Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exposing my Full Moon at Cheerleader Camp


Taking a leap back, I have here not one but TWO destinations for you all to check out on this fine evening. First up, over at the newest issue of BThroughZ, you can check out my review of the 80's Slasher flick, Cheerleader Camp. Staring Leif Garrett (yikes!) and Betsy Russell (yum!), how does this late in the era Slasher film play out? Well, you'll have to pack up your pompoms and head on over to BThroughZ to find out!

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Hey, don't go too far now because I got more in store for you, and as soon as you get back from your cheerleading camping trip, why not take a walk on over to Strange Kids Club where you can check out my look back at Full Moon's VideoZone. When I think of VideoZone, I think of it quite fondly, and I know I am not alone in the nostalgic love for the original Special Feature. So, take a moment to drop by Strange Kids for a blast from the VHS era past!

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  1. I wanted to tell you (and re-tweet but didn't get a chance) that I really enjoyed this piece! I remember these films from late night cable as a kid but of course, never knew they were a part of the family known as Full Moon. You and Emily are schoolin' folks with these pop history lessons.

  2. Thanks, Ashlee! The Full Moon films were such a big part of my childhood and, even if they weren't always great, I have such a soft spot for them.


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