Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paracinema's One-Two Punch and the Urban Warriors Come Out to Play-ayyy!


Holy poop, it's already time for a new issue of Paracinema, and the great minds behind this AWARD NOMINATED magazine have pumped out what looks to be their best issue yet (starting with that dope cover!). Dubbed The Women's Issue, issue #11 has been dedicated to fairer sex by having the entire magazine written solely by women. While I am fearful that at least one of these fine ladies will bring up their period, I'm willing to take the chance as there are some fantastic writers (and good friends) involved with equally wonderful subjects that are to be covered. Take a look below for a sneak peek at what's in store…

Demystifying Superwoman: Shifty Gender Roles, Hysterical Moms, & Pissed Off Daughters in The Exorcist

by Ashlee Blackwell

Frankenhooker: Titular Commodification of Women

by Lisa Cunningham

Rape-Revenge Films: A Guide for the Faint-Hearted

by Chelsea Suarez

The Degrading Last Days of Laura Palmer: A Backwards Glance at Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

by Christine Hadden

Spiritual Viagra (How a Mummy in Cowboy Boots Gave Elvis a Hard-On)

by Molly Marie Griffin

Mental Illness in Horror Films: Lifting the Stigma with Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

by Andre Dumas

Yowza! And that's only the beginning! So head on over to Paracinema to preorder that shit asap, or I'll pee in your sink. Again.


While we're on the subject of Paracinema, the magazine has been nominated for an award, a Rondo award for best magazine, to be exact. This is great news, and I wanted take a moment to send a huge congrats to two of my favorite people, Dylan and Christine, for their nomination. It's good to see such hard working people with an intense passion and respect for cinema receive some recognition. Paracinema keeps it real, filtering out all the bullshit that's to be found in most other genre magazines, and for that I truly believe they deserve this. If you would like to vote in this year's Rondo awards, click away, and please, feel free to vote for Paracinema, because they believe in freedom!



And finally, it's time to talk about me, which is nothing short of a pleasure as I do love me some me. Over at The Gentlemen's Blog to Midnite Cinema, I just posted up a review for the Italian Post-Apocalyptic flick, Urban Warriors. So, if you don't mind, head on over to theGBTMC to give it a looksee. Do it for Dudikoff because he would expect nothing less, and he too believes in freedom!



  1. Ooooooh periods!! Please. I got spayed at least 10 years ago when I was a puppy. No worries.

  2. Ha, well, the good thing is your chances of ever being eaten by a shark have gone down by 25%! I wish I could get rid of my period...I'm doomed.

  3. Aw Matt, I'll give you my period any day if you're feeling left out.

  4. You are beyond sweet. In fact, you are sweeter than sweet!
    Love you and thanks for your support. xo

  5. With articles like these and mentions of periods and peeing in my sink, who wouldn't be enticed to go and vote. Heading on over...

  6. Somehow I can't get my mind off of periods all of a sudden.

  7. Nice blog and offering niche film reviews

  8. Emily: You are a giver, and I, a receiver. Wait, that doesn’t sound right?!

    Christine: Aww shucks…thanks, Christine!

    Melissa: Way to go! You sink will remain urine free for now…

    Ashlee: An Ashton Kutcher made Period Mix will do the trick, trust me!

    HFN: Hey, thanks for that…very much appreciated!


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