Saturday, October 24, 2015

The 2015 Ultimate Halloween Party Music UBER MEGA-MIX!


Dust of your dancing shoes and, while you’re at it, your dancing partner (at least after you’ve dug them up first) and get ready to get ghoulish, because it’s time to unleash the 2015 Ultimate Halloween Party Music UBER MEGA-MIX!

With a number of new additions (and a few subtractions), this year’s playlist is new and improved and tailor made to get you in the ghostly groove! Better yet, not only is this year’s playlist a MEGA-MIX, it’s an UBER MEGA-MIX, which makes it 100% more UBER than last year’s playlist, therefore, 100% more awesome.

At any low-heart rate, hope you enjoy cutting a rug to this Ultimate Halloween Party Music UBER MEGA-MIX, but please be warned: we are not responsible if the rug cuts back…


  1. Love the inclusion of Sam Cooke and the Fat Boys! Very good Halloween playlist!

    1. Thanks, and I'm thrilled you dig the playlist! I actually just posted an updated one for this year. Added a few new songs and changed some of the order.


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