Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Horror Hangover


You know where you are? You're in the Hangover baby…you're gonna die! Okay, so maybe only a portion of that statement is true, unless you're 89-years-old and on your death bed. In that case, thanks for reading! You may not be passing anytime soon, but you certainly are feeling that way with all that Natty Ice you put in your body last night, so let me take you by the hand and lead you down the path to The Horror Hangover.   

IFC loves it's dead gay son by starting us off with Heathers (1989) at 10:15. Heathers is a favorite film from my youth as well as a cult classic, so there isn't much I really need to say about this one. I have seen Heathers quite a few times, but it has been a while, so what better time and place than this morning on IFC? Pick of the week.

The Hangover only gets easier from here on out as it's all SyFy, all day, starting at 11:00 with See No Evil (2006). I saw this maybe a year ago, and I remember absolutely nothing about it, so I can only assume that it wasn't very good. I do remember one pretty badass death at the end of the film that was cool enough for me to recall, but that is really all, unfortunately.   

At 1:00 SyFy takes a trip to the woods with Timber Falls (2007). Never saw this one myself, but it is directed by Tony Giglio, the man behind the classic family film Soccer Dog: The Movie (was there a TV show?), and we all know what a big fan of Soccer Dog you are. The plot reads stale and uncreative, but the review average isn't completely terrible, so take that which ever way you'd like. The trailer isn't too bad, and I decided to go with a foreign language one to make the movie appear better than it probably is. It actually works.

SyFy keeps on trucking through this Hangover with Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008) at 3:00. I enjoyed the first Joy Ride, but I can't imagine a sequel being too great, especially when the crazed trucker sound like he rubs the lotion on his skin. And what's with the name, Rusty Nail? More like Rusty Trombone. 

Our Hangover comes to a dead end with Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007) at 5:00 on SyFy. I've always heard good things about this sequel to a movie that I quite enjoyed, but I have yet to see it outside of a few minutes on SyFy, naturally. Rollins is always good for some entertainment, and the survival game show angle seems like fun, so I look forward to catching up with Dead End at some point in the future.  

That will be all for this edition of The Horror Hangover. See you all next week, when once again, you are half past dead.


  1. You should most definitely see Wrong Turn 2: Dead End...but you should most definitely not see it edited for TV.

  2. nice carpark shot. i knew i read this blog for a reason...

  3. I can watch Heathers until I'm blue in the face... pun intended.

  4. Becky: If I don't have it in my Netflix queue already I'll have to add it. I can imagine how many goodies would be left on the SyFy floor when playing on a Sunday afternoon!

    Stoner: Ha, thanks...I truly enjoy searching for quality photos such as that one. One day I'm fully expecting someone to comment saying it's them in the pic!

    Ashlee: Isn't it so great! It's just one of those movies that shaped the minds of so many a young cinephile of our generation.

  5. Some of your remarks made me laugh very loud and very hard. Wait, that sounds kinda dirty if you replace 'laugh' with... let me tell you about a movie I have no idea I even saw.

    I can't remember it's name, maybe it was "Black Sheep" or something like that. Something with 'Sheep' in its name, definitely. Anyways, all I remember is these dudes having fun on some random farm when all of a sudden an army of sheep start ambushing them and taking them out one by one. Okay, maybe it wasn't exactly like that, but something similar. All I can remember is that I found the movie to be particularly funny and was laughing at how ridiculous the whole situation is.

    Don't know if you've seen that one, but I really wanna see that one again, this time with a more clearer mind.

  6. That certainly does sound like Black Sheep. I actually own it and found it to be a pretty fun film. It's totally ridiculous but that is part of the appeal, and most of the humor works in the movie. I think it's a New Zealand film and has that early Peter Jackson feel, but it does stand on it's own two feet. I would definitely recommend watching it again.


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