Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Answer Me, You Maggot!: Nightmare - The VHS Board Game

I recently stumbled on this video for the Australian VHS board game, Nightmare, which came on the scene in 1991 and apparently took Australia by storm. The result of Nightmare's popularity can be seen in the video below, which includes a promotional video, a few commercials and a handful of other promotional material, all of which is nothing short of completely magnificent.

And when I say magnificent, I mean, there are some serious dance parties involved here, and all I can wonder after watching this video is where the hell was I when this was all going on? Like, I would have totally killed that dance floor back in '91, straight moving my hips for the love of horror and VHS! But alas, my mad moves and infectious grooves were kept at bay here in the states, only to dream of that one day when they could be unleashed in front of The Gatekeeper!

Check out this video… it's seriously awesome. 


  1. Didn't the USA have this game or a version of it here within the next year? I saw a commercial for a game called Nightmare when I was watching the "horror movie awards" shows from like, '92.

  2. On Wikipedia it says that the game was released in the US, too, but it must not have been nearly as popular as it was in Australia. I'm willing to bet that I did know about it at that time but have forgotten about it over the years. Either way, it's a cool looking game and I would love to play it now. 

    Also, it's funny you mention the Horror Hall of Fame thing form '92... Jeff over at Dinner With Max Jenke did a post about it very recently!   http://dinnerwithmaxjenke.blogspot.com/2012/02/all-star-tribute-to-terror.html?spref=fb  If the commercial for Nightmare played during that special event, then I certainly must have seen it! 

  3. Yep! I just read that blog post last Sunday and decided to watch. I never knew such an awards ceremony existed so that was fun to watch.


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