Sunday, March 23, 2014

Salute Your Shorts: Sicko (2013)

Sicko 2013 short film

After a ritualistic sex act, a disturbed man (Tom Grimley) stalks a prostitute (Imogen Stubbs) through a series of dark and empty alleyways with intentions far more sinister than a $10 handjob.

Written, directed and photographed by Vincent Gallagher and Luke Adey, Sicko is, as the title would allude to, sick.This 5 minute short film opens with a scene that features a clearly demented man masturbating in a run down shed. Immediately after “finishing,” the man proceeds to wipe his reward into his hair because, well, where else are you supposed to put the stuff?

The opening alone should give you an idea of what the filmmakers were aiming for, which is an edgy, mean-spirited and violent short film. With that said, however, Sicko also conveys an interesting cerebral vibe, which is even more apparent post beat-off scene. Furthermore, there is some impressive filmmaking on display, so if you feel like the subject matter is tolerable to your tastes, then I suggest giving Sicko a watch below.

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  1. Man kills prostitute...end of story. Come on, where's the plot twists and turns? That's not a story

    1. I don't think story is necessarily the point of this one so much as it's about delivering an uncomfortable experience.


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