Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dump5ter Diving for Gold: Redemption

And like Motownphilly, I am indeed back again with another kuh-razy edition of Dumpster Diving for Gold! Okay, maybe it's not so much crazy as it's really just a normal edition, but I figured if I punched up this little dialogue by calling it kuh-razy, you might want to check it out in the hopes that you would indeed see something crazy. In fact, the only thing crazy in this new DD4G is the fact that I actually made a video with my hair looking the way it does. Now that shit IS kuh-razy!

I'm hoping I can get a little more consistent with making these videos in the future… I have a ton of (awesome!) VHS tapes to share with you all as well as some more inexpensive DVDs, so I will be making an effort to make videos a little more often than I have been. Anyway, here are some totes awesome DVDs I picked up on the cheap recently. Check it, shun!


  1. Great haul man! Hope you have fun with Blackbelt and American Streetfighter. Both are fun and disposable trash.

  2. That works for me, Karl! It was pretty awesome finding American Streetfighter for sale at a video store... that's like finding gold right there!


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