Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad Trick or Treat Ideas: Necco

bad trick or treat ideas

Chalk is simply perfect. For blackboards, hop-scotch and marking the position of a dead body, you just can't beat it. As a snack item, chalk really isn't such a great idea. An even worse idea is trying to give away what is essentially chalk to any child, let alone anyone under the age of 73. Necco. What is that, short for necrophilia? Sadly, necrophilia leaves a better taste in my mouth than Necco candies do. 


  1. You know I used to use Neccos in the laundromat when I was broke. They fit in the quarter slots. But other than that, I agree, gross.

  2. Ha, that's perfect! I like to take real candy and hide them under a bunch of Neccos, that way I'll never run the risk of anyone finding my stash!

  3. Hay Matt, Neccos are terrible I agree. Maybe you should do a post asking people what were the worst things they received in their trick-or-treat bag. In my neighborhood we had both a dentist and a teacher so we always got tooth brushes and pencils, BOOOOO!

    Have you seen this haunted house Flikr stream? It's awesome!


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