Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wax Nostalgic

yankee candle halloween 2011

After a short yet grueling day of work had finally come to a long awaited end

My mind was tired, body beat but no rest as Bolo was still to be fed

I gave him food, gave him blood, gave him my own internal wine

He then arose and flexed his pecs as he felt the rejuvenating strength returning to his vine

I quickly moved my behind inside where I would simply coast and sail

Directly to the couch where a nap would be most certain and without much fail

I made one quick stop as I passed by my sun kissed front door

To check inside the mail box when my jaw dropped and nearly hit the floor

As I began to feel an internal warmth fill deep down inside my core

I slightly screeched as from within my reach came a prize that only one such as I could truly adore

As unexpected as it was this could not have had better timing

With the summer heat that's nearly broken me, for fall's start I have truly been dying

It's a reminder that the greatest time of year will soon be here, so there is no need for me to fret

And my excitement for fall and Halloween is incredible, this much you can surely bet

Now the day is done, my mind content, and I can claim it truly complete

As I plop down on my couch and open up to enjoy this wonderful festive treat

I ignored my TV as there was nothing that could compete on each and every channel

When the greatest thing to me at this very moment is the 2011 Halloween edition of Yankee Candle

matt so sexy and shit


  1. "With the summer heat that's nearly broken me, for fall's start I have truly been dying" - ha! Couldn't agree more with you there, Suzaka-san. And I love the pic, donning the headband to peruse your candle catalog. Bring on the AUTUMN, baby.

  2. Same here! I've been browsing the Oriental Trading catalog myself all last week looking for new, ghoulish decorations and candy confections. :)

    Most of all I can't wait till it starts to cool down.

  3. Seriously, there was almost an entire month where the temperature hit a high of at least 90 everyday. It was something like double the record for 90+ days, which is simply unacceptable!

    Thankfully this last week has dropped to a nice mid-to-low 80s, but I am certainly yearning for that 60-to-70 degree weather that comes with fall. I love it, and unfortunately, I know summer isn't quite over yet, so I'm sure a few more hot weeks are coming before the good weather gets here. Blech.

    And Astro, It's a nice look into my day-to-day life, that photo!

  4. Are you planning to read that carol to the future 'lil Suzaka's every year on Oct. 30th?

  5. Emily: Love YOU!

    Ashlee: Yes, and on the 31st I plan on rapping Are You Ready For Freddy to them!

  6. Thanks, Pax! You sir, are too kind!


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