Saturday, May 7, 2011

T-Shirt Bordello of Blood

Recently, the kind folks over at T-Shirt Bordello were nice enough to send a few gifts my way after reading all about my heroic rescue of two baby jaguars that were trapped in a burning building this past March. If you aren't already aware of T-Shirt Bordello, they specialize in t-shirts for the nerd in all of us. With tees covering subjects ranging from Married With Children to Hellraiser, they carry a cornucopia of pop-culture and genre film apparel to dig into, but that isn't all they have to offer.

Have you been suffering from issues keeping track of where you last placed your keys? Try a Bates Motel key chain, it's mother approved. Got a pack of Parliament ultras and no place to put them out? An Overlook Hotel ashtray is nice this time of the year. Are you a big fan of "the drink?" How 'bout taking a few swigs from a Winchester Tavern pint glass?

Those are just a few small examples of what T-Shirt Bordello has to offer, but the star of the show is, of course, the tees. Here are a few of my personal favorites:


Now, as I said, those are a few of my favorites, but my mostest favorites are the two shirts that they sent to me, which just so happen to be from two films I love:


My thoughts are mad deep, son


Straight throwin' out duck lips Like it's no ones business

That's right, Monster Squad and mother fucking Robocop, mother fucker!

The shirts are of solid quality, and the graphics look great and feel as if they will be able to last through more than a few washes without getting all jacked up. Not that I wash my clothes or anything silly like that; I like to have that natural musk that only can come from being unbathed and coated in funk juice. Can you smell it, baby? Okay, that's kind of gross.

All of the shirts are a reasonable $14.99 (plus shipping), and they update their stock with new designs every week, so you're guaranteed to find something you love there. Unless you don't love cool shit, that is.  So there you have it, T-Shirt Bordello. Nice people that sent me some nice things that I feel I can proudly pimp to all of you in complete confidence. However, they need to get rid of that Red Sux shirt with the quickness.



  1. HA! I loled and I want to go buy a shirt. I think this post was totally successful!

  2. Ducklips! Naw, ducklips is so 3 years ago. Rock donkeylips from now on.

  3. Christine: Thanks! I know you are a connoisseur of movie tees, so I figured you would appreciate this!

    Dylan: I tried donkylips for a minute, but it makes me look like I'm taking a poop.

    I need to post the group picture of all of us at HHW. You, Will, Sammy and myself rock the hardest ducks around and it's fucking brilliant!

  4. I'm sold on a few! Perfect timing with the weather and showin' off the curves with a shirt that screams my eccentricism! The Crystal Lake one will be a great conversation starter.

  5. I love how both the Crystal Lake and Amity Island ones are almost retro specific to the time that both films were made. Plus, they are perfect summer apparel!


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